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Funeral Blues -- W H Auden

Strange, when you consider the width of his poetic range, that my two favourite
Auden poems are both elegies...
(Poem #256) Funeral Blues
Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pianos and with muffled drum
Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.

Let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead
Scribbling on the sky the message He is Dead.
Put crepe bows round the white necks of the public doves,
Let the traffic policemen wear black cotton gloves.

He was my North, my South, my East and West,
My working week and my Sunday rest,
My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song;
I thought that love would last forever: I was wrong.

The stars are not wanted now; put out every one,
Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun,
Pour away the ocean and sweep up the woods;
For nothing now can ever come to any good.
-- W H Auden
First published as "Song IX" from 'Twelve Songs' (1936); reprinted under the
present title in 'Tell me the Truth about Love' (1976). Most famous appearance?
In the movie 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' (which fact does not, surprisingly
enough, detract from the quality of the poem one bit).


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We've run two Auden poems before (Only two? Yup, difficult as it may be to
believe... the fact is, most of Auden's work leaves me a bit cold --  feel
welcome to rectify the situation by means of guest submissions).

First, that beautiful elegy in praise of one of my favourite poets - In Memory
of W. B. Yeats, at poem #50

And second, the almost equally good Musee des Beaux Arts, at poem #68

Both sites contain a fair bit of critical analysis, biographical info and the

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rock gagnon said...

Hi my name is Diane and I have a work to do on the poem: Stop All the
Clocks written by W.H. Auden. I have looked on the internet to find
information about the poem and I haven't foud what I want. Could you
explain what the poem is about ( meaning of the poem)


Daniel Marsh said...

I don't know how long ago that comment was posted (I've just started
looking about the archive in detail myself) but the meaning of the poem is
clearly expressed by the poet, and as such it is one of the most
heart-wrenching songs of grief I have ever heard. I don't really know the
circumstances behind his writing the poem (whether it was inspired by the
death of a loved one-- I have heard once that Auden was homosexual so its
fairly likely that it was,) but he really makes you feel his grief and
abandon with every verse. The final line is a summing line, wrapping up
the poem neatly and giving the final beat to the funeral drum: for nothing
now can ever come to any good. Grief distilled to its barest essence.

I agree with the fact that its use in a movie doesn't diminish the quality
of the poem. In fact, I have a hard time hearing it in any voice save one
with a Scottish accent. But, frankly, as I've stated on another poem on
this list (the first, in fact) that Poetry is a audial art, as well as a
written one. Poems are meant to be read aloud, either in your own head, or
to others in whatever medium you choose.

Alice Bain said...

I am delighted with this archive--and motivated to add my two cents
worth of Auden poems...I tried to choose only one to send you, but my
little Everyman edition falls open in two places. Strange, now I think
about it, that my two favorite Auden poems are about sleep. Alley

Alice Bain


Simultaneously, as soundlessly,
Spontaneously, suddenly
As, at the vaunt of the dawn, the kind
Gates of the body fly open
To its world beyond, the gates of the mind,
The horn gate and the ivory gate
Swing to, swing shut, instantaneously
Quell the nocturnal rummage
Of its rebellious fronde, ill-favoured,
Ill-natured and second-rate,
Disenfranchised, widowed and orphaned
By an historical mistake:
Recalled from the shades to be a seeing being,
From absence to be on display,
Without a name or history I wake
Between my body and the day.

Holy this moment, wholly in the right,
As, in complete obedience
To the light's laconic outcry, next
As a sheet, near as a wall,
Out there as a mountain's poise of stone,
The world is present, about,
And I know that I am, here, not alone
But with a world, and rejoice
Unvexed, for the will has still to claim
This adjacent arm as my own,
The memory to name me, resume
Its routine of praise and blame,
And smiling to me is this instant while
Still the day is intact, and I
The Adam sinless in our beginning,
Adam still previous to any act.

I draw breath; that is of course to wish,
No matter what, to be wise.
To be different, to die and the cost,
No matter how, is Paradise
Lost of course and myself owing a death:
The eager ridge, the steady sea,
The flat roofs of the fishing village
Still asleep in its bunny,
Though as fresh and sunny still, are not friends
But things to hand, this ready flesh
No honest equal, but my accomplice now,
My assassin to be, and my name
Stands for my historical share of care
For a lying self-made city,
Afraid of our living task, they dying
Which the coming day will ask.

(and also)

The Dream

Dear, though the night is gone,
Its dream still haunts to-day,
That brought us to a room
Cavernous, lofty as
A railway terminus,
And crowded in that gloom
Were beds, and we in one
In a far corner lay.

Our whisper woke no clocks,
We kissed and I was glad
At everything you did,
Indifferent to those
Who sat with hostile eyes
In pairs on every bed,
Arms round each other's necks,
Inert and vaguely sad.

What hidden worm of guilt
Or what malignant doubt
Am I the victim of,
That you, then, unabashed,
Did what I never wished,
Confessed another love;
And I, submissive, felt
Unwanted and went out.

Bob Morrow said...


How can the appearance of any poem anywhere ever detract from it ? - (if
it is not changed) - the point of writing it was that it would be read -
or even better spoken - do you want poems forever consigned to dusty
unopened volumes ?

I think not - because of this excellent internet resource - I have met
"poets" who are very wary of the net - hmmmmmm - do they just want to
sell books ? or do they want their poems to be seen and read ?

The more exposure any poetry gets - the better - the cream will rise to
the top - with or without the opinion of "experts" and "critics".

That's why I like your resource so much - thanks a lot - keep up the
good work.

bob morrow

Abraham Thomas said...

Hi Bob,

Interesting comment, and one with which (needless to say) I agree
completely. I was merely making a snide comment about how the entertainment
industry often manages to corrupt everything it touches, transforming
heartfelt emotion into tawdry sentimentality; it's a tribute to Auden's
genius that his poem transcends this would-be corruption and remains as
poignant and as moving on screen as it does in print (or in any other


Nick Robinson said...

I agree that the appearance of the poem in "Four weddings........" did not detract from it at all. Th e context within which it was used was, in my opinion, apposite and John Hannahs delivery sublime.
Nick Robinson.

RAMSEN said...

Le commentaire de ce poème svp. Merci d'avance. Je peux également fournir des dossiers ou informations.

Sarah Grace said...

i think this is one of the saddest, yet best poems i have heard, i just
heard it read on Four Weddings And A Funeral and it had me in tears!
- Gracie

Henry said...


[Note: I'm using an Emailer I never use, to respond, try]

I saw the poem after a keyword search, after re-seeing the movie.W.H.
Auden brings even a "tough-guy" triathlete to his knees.

All the best,


Louise Penn said...

Random entry - comment made that this poem was written as response to Mussolini's death. First two verses seem ok but last too and poets history not - any answers?

Louise Penn said...

Sorry - Mussolini died before poem was written. But who was the inspiration, not many of us have aeroplanes writing in the sky .....

Waylandslayer said...

I think its absolutely beautiful. Speaks more about the way I feel about
death than any other poem I've read. He leaves out all of the flowery words
usually accompanied in an elegy and gets right down to the bare bones of it, that
when you've lost someone you've loved, your heart is emptied, and nothing can
fill it up again, not even the stars or the ocean.

Greg Homsany.

pertstuevner said...

I must say that I had never heard of W. H. Auden until I had seen Four Weddings and a Funeral. I love poetry, but am not well versed with the names of writers, I just appreciate words and the way talented people put them together. This poem touched me deeply. My favorite verse....

He was my north, my south, my East and West, my working week and my Sunday rest, my noon, my midnight, my talk, my song; I thought that love would last forever: I was wrong.

When I hear these words I can only pray that I too will feel this type of sorrow one day, for that will mean I loved.

Pert, in CA

Greg Stapp said...

I just came across your excellent website celebrating one of my favorite poems "Stop All the Clocks." I'm not one to go around correcting people all of the time, but I feel it's important in this case: the line goes "Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood" (not woods) which makes for a better rhyme with "good" at the end.

Thanks for your website!

Gregory Stapp
Noble Public Library

"always a beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question" - e.e. cummings

Cornelius Marx said...

Can you tell me who Funeral Blues was written about? Is it really

David Grandidge said...

im transforming this poem as part of my coursework i did some research and i can tell you that auden was homosexual and suffered the loss of his partner (no one famous) and wrote this poem to express his rief in the most subtle way because his sexuality was frowned upon

Christine Mills said...

Good afternoon. I heard this poem last night while surfing channels and stopped to hear it in its entirety. I had seen the move "Four Weddings . . ." years before but perhaps wasn't as touched by the words. I'm so touched by the words now that I was inspired today to look up the poems of W. H. Auden, and his biography, on the Web. I've heard it said that when the student is ready, the teacher appears, whether the teacher is a Hollywood movie or a college classroom. I guess this student was ready and I'm very grateful I heard the words of this beautiful poem spoken exactly at the appropriate time - at a funeral!

Christine Mills

de familie Berré said...

Hi, I'm from Belgium and very fond of English literature and poetry. I love the Auden's poetry for it is very pure and simple. As a reader you have the feeling that he's able to formulate real human feelings. In my opinion he's a real magician with words. My favourite poem is 'If I could tell you...'
Greetings, Katelijne Berré

Glenn Harriman said...

That email address is not my own; I'm sure no one will have any reason to want to get in touch with me but just in case, the correct email is .
The poem is not about Mussolini, nor his most well-known lover, Chester Kallman. With a small amount of research you can see that the poem was first published (but he could have written it in any of the years between 1922, when he first began writing poetry, and the year of its publication) in 1936. Auden meant Kallman sometime after he moved to the United States in 1939; and though that is blatant proof that "Funeral Blues" could not possibly be about Kallman, it is further proved by the fact that Auden died 2 years before Kallman. However, Auden did have a number of infatuations throughout his lifetime, like most of us, so it could have been written about another lover. The thought crossed my mind that the poem could be about his father, but he and his father were not close; at least not close enough for Auden to refer to him as is North, his South, his East and West. That's all!

Andrew Lowenthal said...

I am not sure if my email is the right one as I'm using a different computer
than I usually use but it's Celine here. I have read many of Auden's poems
and some of his plays and this one has always been my favourite. It is the
most beautiful, meaningful, truthful, poem about death to me. I am not one
usually to cry, I don't generally get moved by poems but this one made me
cry. I read it years ago before I knew about W.H. Auden and it was the poem
which got me interested in him. For some reason I think the name 'Funeral
Blues' as a title does not fulfil the needs of this poem as a title. When
someone dies you are not 'blue'. When I read it the first time it was called
song. If anyone has any suggestions as a title which they think fits it
please put in a comment or let me know. I am not sure if the e-mail on this
is right. my real email is:.

Oh, and to whoever it was who said poems cannot be ruined by being read out
somewhere else. They can, if someone reads them out in scorn or something
similar, surely it detracts majorly from the poem?

Bye ducks


M Blades & G Opie said...


According to Joseph Warren Beach, and a number of other sources I have
consulted, the first two stanzas of this poem appeared as a funeral song
in Auden's play The Ascent of F6, the three stanzas that originally
followed in that form were replaced by the two you have here when Auden
worked the piece up into a cabaret song for Hedli Anderson. In the play
the funeral song was about a politician, in the song it is simply about
the death of a fictitious woman's lover.

In the play, the mood was a mix of allegory and burlesque, quite comic
apparently. Monroe Spears describes the cabaret song as a parody...
'[that] exaggerates the customary blues sentiment in lamenting a dead

I am writing a paper on the poem at the moment and had chosen it because
I thought it was a sincere lament. I think there is a sense of
disillusion inherent in the poem, but I now believe that it is chiefly
satirical. It would seem that we often fail to consider that not
everything poets have written is entirely serious. We dismiss the odd
language of the opening stanzas of 'Funeral Blues' as the rantings of a
distraught lover, but it would appear the author intended them to poke
fun at the fuss of a public funeral for someone not much liked!

Hope this doesn't spoil it too much for its fans - it wasn't hard to
find any of this out by the way, just head to your local university
library - the books all tend to agree about it.

Greg Opie.

Ken Woody said...

used in movie "Love Actually"

Ken Woody said...

used in movie "Love Actually"
nope "Four Weddings and a Funeral" should have read notes first I
remembered incorrectly

Jee Peng said...


MOWIGmbH said...

For all German readers.

I tried to translate the poem into German.


Lasst die Uhren nicht mehr schlagen, stoppt der Telefone Klang
Und dann reißt den fetten Knochen aus des bellend Hundes Fang.
Lasst verklingen die Pianos, auch die Trommeln schlaget leis'
Und die Trauernden soll'n klagen auf des Sarges letzter Reis'

Lasst die Flugzeuge sanft kreisen, grämend durch das Abendrot
Und dann an den Himmel schreiben, vernehmt die Worte: Er ist tot.
Schmückt die Tauben auf den Plätzen, fein mit krepppapiernen Kragen
Lasst den Schutzmann in den Straßen, schwarze Baumwollhandschuh tragen.

Er war mir Norden, Süden, Osten und auch Westen immerzu
War der Woche harte Arbeit und des Sonntags stille Ruh.
Er war mein Reden und mein Singen, war mein Tag und auch die Nacht
Dachte Liebe währet ewig, aber das war falsch gedacht.

Sternenschein kann nicht mehr trösten, löscht sie aus, hier an dem Grab
Verpackt den Mond am Firmament, auch die Sonne decket ab
Zerstört die Meere bis zum Grund und den Wald mit Feuerglut.
Denn seit heute nun wirt nimmer, nimmer wieder etwas gut.

W. H. Auden (by Klaus Agten) © Klaus Agten, Münster 10.10.2004

**Ruthie** said...

I love the poem funeral blues. I am still only in school but I watched four weddings....... and i was deeply touched by the poem, i loved it so much that I went on a website about the movie and I looked up the author and the poem. I use it as my msn name and I love the bit :The stars are not wanted now; put out every one, Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun, AND :He was my North, my South, my East and West, My working week and my Sunday rest, My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song, I thought that love would last forever: I was wrong. I love it. I just thought I'd add that



I am just learning french and i just wanted to say:
Tu est le mendre, and that : Tu est mes meillure amis, est pour l'anglais tu vous ce'st tres magnifique, just excuse me if i'm am saying something offensive or wrong because as i said i am just learning.Actually my french teacher is Mme Powers at South Jefferson central school and i am in french 2.

sameer_bora said...

Also would be displayed in the memorial at Heysel, due to be unveiled in
Quite an apt time, considering the Liverpool - Juventus Champions League
match to be held soon (Apr 2005).

More on this link:
Monument to mark Heysel disaster
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Zenaida Vega said...

I like your site. I loved W.H. Auden's Funeral Blues, I'm just curious who it was written about!

Tiarnan.OCorrian said...

I believe "Epitaph on a Tyrant", rather than "Funeral Blues" is about

"Perfection, of a kind, was what he was after,
And the poetry he invented was easy to understand.
He knew human nature like the back of his hand,
And was greatly interested in armies and fleets.
When he laughed, respectable senators burst with laughter,
And when he cried, the little children died in the streets."

Andrea Strappa said...

I made a musical setting for "Funeral Blues". This is a very great poem. If you wont, there is an mp3 in my site (Mary O'Connor is the singing):
any comment is appreciate
Andrea Strappa

Anna Maccario said...

commento della poesia Funeral Blues

Melayna said...

You know I must agree with the person who said that this poem should come from a Scotsman. I lived 37 years with a "bloody Scotsman", my mother. She was a GREAT lady. I heard this poem from the movie "Four Weddings..." and my heart stopped, those spoken words rang true to her form, it described exactly how I was feeling, I had lost my mother to cancel just a few short months before. You see she was "my North, my South, my East and West..." I and my daddy don't want the stars now and we've packed up our moon and took down our sun and there are the days we feel that "nothing now can ever come to any good." I must also agree with another reader on the point of the "sweep up the wood", not woods. A Scotsman would not have stated it plural. It is a strangely beautiful poem and one to absorb. If you have felt this way you truely have felt LOVE. So how can it not be beautiful. I leave you my mother's favorite saying..."Ta Ta Love"

smallcheryl said...

I heard this poem for the first time in 4 weddings...after my husband died - It is totally fitting - a loss of love and friendship. A loss. My heart felt like this at the time of his death.

Eve Bernshaw said...

thank you for your site..for being there to capture audens incredible,
funeral blues. I too agree totally with morrows comment re poets work
published on the net. so be it..let it pour out, a gift given, openly, never
meant to horde from the public eye. why else would inspiration come forth
but not to be seen? thanks for your site....

Eve Bernshaw

Andy Bickel said...

The Boswell Sisters recorded a song in 1932 titled "Stop The Sun, Stop

The Moon(My Man's Gone). I have long assumed that the song was

inspired by Auden's poem, but the song was recorded five years before

he published. Auden was a member of ASCAP, could he have penned the

lyrics for the Boswell's song or could he have been influenced by their

song ? The two seem too similar to not be related.

James C said...

I studied Auden in school but that was long ago. My library contains a
collection of his poems; cc 1957... by which time Auden had not yet written
"Funeral Blues". There is, hovever, a shorter work: "Roman Wall Blues"
which might be of interest to this group. I am glad that I stumbled upon it
last night.
Over the heather the wet wind blows,
I've lice in my tunic and a cold in my nose.

The mist creeps over the hard grey stone,
My girl's in Tungria; I sleep alone.

Aulus goes hanging around her place
I don't like his manner, I don't like his face.

Piso's a Christian, he worships a fish.
There's be no kissing if he has his wish.

She gave me a ring but I diced it away;
I want my girl and I want my pay.

When I'm a veteran with only one eye
I shall do nothing but look at the sky.

W.H. Auden

This was a fine poet with a boundless imagination.
James C. Courtney

Oralb148 said...

My name is Blaise.

I have never been one to pay much attention to poetry but "Stop the Clocks"
made my ears mind and heart perk up. I bought the movies just for the poem! To
me the message is clear and profound. I have committed it to memory but have
difficulty in recitation because of the emotion it sparks in me.. it makes
me cry and happy's very hard to explain.

Laura said...

I read this poem out at my grandads funeral 18 months ago. It was the
hardest moment i have ever gone through but i knew he would have been
extremely proud (and everybody said i couldn't do it as it would be too
hard) While reading it out i looked to the back of the room and saw the
funeral director wipe a tear away from his eye-i think that just about sums
up just how emotional this poem is and how the words ring true to so many

damianb said...

Hi everyone. I studied this poem a long time ago, but it is the only poem
I have ever been so moved by as to unwittingly commit to memory. (I have
never seen Four weddings and a Funeral ;) ) Though I'm certain my theory
won't be accepted by you all, hear me out, I feel that FUNERAL BLUES is a
mock elegy - that Auden was suffering from a break-up rather than
bereavement. There is a certain cynical bite to the first two stanzas.
The scene is set for a funeral for a very important figure, like the
death of a king or queen, but I think the only death was that of the
relationship which Auden treasured so much. I think the clue is in the
third stanza: "I thought that love would last forever: I was wrong". If
someone dies, does love die? I think, in the context of a genuine elegy,
that the line would be inappropriate, but in the context of love gone
wrong, it reflects his perceived naivety. The final stanza (the most
beautiful and haunting lines that I know) shows the natural world falling
around him, hyperbolized in a way that I feel is saddeningly cynical
rather than grieving. I'm no expert, but I'd love to hear from someone
who is regarding this interpretation. It seems to fit with his
homosexuality, in that he could not openly discuss the emotional turmoil
that he felt because another man had left him, but it would be quite
acceptable to mourn for a dead friend, be they male or female. If you
have any thoughts, don't hesitate to email me at

Damian Brauchli

James Blackwell said...

are you related to Auden? Your narratuve voice is so simliar. xx

James Blackwell said...

oui madam. quel est super, qu est ce-que tu avez avec les fromages? xx

Helen Bowden said...

W.H. Auden was gay. He's probably writing about a lover and being
metaphorical about the aeroplanes.

My favourite EVER poem. Gets me every time.

X. Wang said...

One of the most moving poems by Auden.

Steven Vydelingum said...

Absolutely love this poem Funeral Blues and was wondering if anyone can tell me which book of WH Auden's that it has been published in?

Thanks in Advance


i need to know what the meaning of this poem is, i am studyin this poem as part as my GCSE coursework. i have to write an essay on it can any one help me?

RBwrites said...

I first read this poem when I was thirty-three. I'm fifty-eight now. It
still holds the same impact, emotion, dread and understanding for me. A comfort,
of course, and a sharing of a dreadful knowledge. Randy Burns.

Jan Humphries said...

Without the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral, I would not have known this
poem, so that in itself is testament to the worth of exposure of poetry in
all media. I was moved to look for the poem on the internet as it summed up
my feelings exactly on the death of a dearly loved one - stop the world,
As in an earlier comment, I find myself reading it in my head in a Scottish
accent! I just wish I had come across it sooner.

Kathleen M. Gildea said...

Hi Diane:
I was just googling "Funeral Blues" by Auden for some personal reasons and saw your post. You asked what this means.
I first heard this poem (as I suppose many did) in the movie "Four weddings & a funeral" several years ago. I was completely taken with the words and felt I ws having a near out-of-body experience as I was trying to ingest the words.
For me - not having known of/ being familiar with Auden ......
it took me immediately back to a place in time when I was 15 years old; my paternal grandmother had died (the person I was most likely closest to in my life - lived next door/ saw her every day of my life) ......
the early evening of her funeral day (early May) I was across the yard, sitting on the porch steps of my own house................
the little independent grocery across the street -- the milkman came and delivered his milk for the next day (left it outside overnight!!); followed by the bread truck (did same -- overnight!!).... I was sitting there watching all the traffic pass by and -- first time in my young life -- thinking "how can these people be doing all of this.. don't they know my grandmother is dead?"
I went on about my life and grew up, married, moved, had children, years passed, etc. etc.
and then one day, many years later, I'm sitting in a movie theater many states away from that young girl's thoughts --- and BOOM -- here's this poem in the middle of this amusing movie!!!! And I was transported back to that time -- and for the first time felt SOMEONE really knew that feeling too.
THAT's what that poem means.
I have subsequently requested from my longest and dearest friend that she see to it that this poem is read at my own funeral one day ..... I feel it will have meaning and significance to my now grown children and rapidly growing grandchildren .... and they will, hopefully, know that someone knew how they might be feeling.
again, THAT's what that poem means.

Ginny said...

I love this poem. My husband died seven years ago and this work of art always touches me deeply. thank you for this web site. It took me a while to find it.
I am on my way to obtain a book of Auden's poetry.
Thank you, again.
Ginny Giosa, Long Island, NY

Crabill Jane MS said...

I rewatched "Four Weddings and a Funeral" this weekend and wanted
to know more about the poem.
My guess was that it might be by Dylan Thomas. I appreciated the
added information about the satirical
nature and its use as a cabaret song, but I prefer to regard it as
an expression of genuine grief. It touches
the heart. There's another poem about death comparing the death of
a young girl to a flower plucked it its beauty
before it withers that resonated with me when the high school
students were killed in Columbine (the name of a
flower.) If I can track down that particular poem, I will submit
it to this web archive.

Cris Espinoza said...

I first heard this poem in the movie, "Four Weddings and a Funeral". It's
been on my mind ever since. Now, my fiance is in a coma and is not doing
very well. It is fitting that this piece is on my mind for if she goes, my
world will go black along with her and "nothing good will ever come".

Reception said...

I am excited to have found this site and to read the other comments on Auden's elegies and other poems. What brought me here is that I was listening to CBC's Ideas, Michael Enright's Files, last night while waiting in the car for my daughter's bus to arrive. He included a clip of someone reading "Funeral Blues". It was haunting. Could the context of the reading been Four Weddings and a Funeral? I was intrigued enough to go searching on the Internet today, and delighted that I did. I studied W.H. Auden at University years ago. I found him too mocking and high brow for my tastes. Perhaps I was too young at the time to fully appreciate him. I like him better now. This has been fun. Cheers!

John Ehlers said...

The hip hop artist RZA included this poem (spoken by someone with an
scottish accent) on "Think Differently Music: Wu-Tang Meets The Indie
Culture" before a track commemorating the death of Ol' Dirty Bastard.

Rap music by people with talent can be very cerebral but probably
won't ever count as real poetry, rhyming as much as it does.

Annette Schilz said...

Sorry not sure what Diane means about asking what this poem is about? It's about death of a loved one. When you love someone so much unconditionally. I don't know how else to explain it to you Diane. I guess maybe you never lost anyone in your life that mean more to you than anything fact more than living yourself in an odd way. Nothing was wanted anymore..that's what the poem is about...death of a loved one and nothing the resembled happiness was not wanted during the grieving process.

Hope that helped..and bless you forever and always not to ever go through losing a loved one. Take care,

susan_elbert said...

My mother died of cancer Wednesday. The funeral is Sunday. With apologies
to Auden, I'm using this stunning poem, with personalized changes, to
express my grief. There is simply no other in its class.

Susan Tolk Elbert

Miami Beach

Heather Elbert, REALTOR

Eng Garcia Group@Keller Willliams Capital Propertiesmobileefax

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Anonymous said...

i think this poem is gorgeous the use of metaphoeres, emotive languege , imperative language and personification i was nearly in tears as i read it iin class


olivia said...

im in year 7

olivia xxx

Anonymous said...

I love this poem, but for its camp, over-dramatic, satirical tone...not its moving, emotional one!! I think that everyone should be able to take what they want from a poem, but it seems that most people misinterpret Auden's humour and dramatic attention seeking in this poem!! It's not supposed to be moving...

Anonymous said...

I think people who think this is satire have never lost anyone they loved that much. This is exactly what it feels like, including the airplane reference - which to me signifies the need to help the whole world understand your sorrow.

Anonymous said...

This poem was read to me by my father, the most intense man I have ever met. He had, my father, a very rough child hood one with abuse,heavy drinking and yet filled everyday with a loving mother who loved him and let him know it, but also would kick his ass in a heart beat. She died when he was in his 20's and the paid stayed with him for the rest of his life. He read this poem to my silly sisters and I when his father passed. We were to young to understand it then. Now I know we were not ready for those words. Sadly, I am ready now. My father died a few years ago...I am awake tonight looking for the poem, reading it and picturing my father reading it to me years ago. It is my therapy. This like nothing else expresses not only my pain tonight but the pain of my family from years of sadness. I agree with wanting the whole world to know your pain, wanting everything to stop so you can find peace again,I want my day to stop so I can cry, scream, and regain my sanity...

Anonymous said...

Good poem

Anonymous said...

Yes, But i don't understand? What is his theme? Can someone explain it to me?

Anonymous said...

Whatever was in Auden's mind when he wrote this may never be known, but the very first phrase, 'Stop all the clocks,' is exactly how I have felt twice now when a child of someone I know has died. It seems that the whole world should stop. How can life just keep going on around us so normally when something so awful, so earth shaking, has happened? All the headlines should be screaming about it, everyone should be mourning this death, because it is so momentous.

In memory of Jack, gone at only 17, and Patrick, stillborn.

Corey said...

I take this poem to mean something completely different. I've been tearing it apart for a few weeks for a research project, and I don't think it's an actual death at all. I think the death is a metaphor. He didn't actually lose a loved one to death, he basically got dumped. I find this to be true by closely reading the line that says "I thought that love would last forever: I was wrong." When a loved one dies, the love doesn't die. If he wanted to say the person died, I think he would have done so there. I think Auden describes it as being like a funeral because his lover is basically dead as far as he's concerned. Just my view.

Anonymous said...

some people i have discussed the poem with think Auden is writing about his homosexual lover, but i think, as it was rumoured when the poem was published, Auden is actually writing about the death of his life long friend and mentor John Donne

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Never have I ever seen a poem so profound and beautiful, it's hard to explain.
To then scroll down and see the 'comment' above my own is nothing short of hilarious.

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can i have this poem at my dads funeral or is it copyrighted so i cannot use it

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