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Fire and Ice -- Robert Frost

(Poem #779) Fire and Ice
 Some say the world will end in fire,
 Some say in ice.
 From what I've tasted of desire
 I hold with those who favor fire.
 But if it had to perish twice,
 I think I know enough of hate
 To say that for destruction ice
 Is also great
 And would suffice.
-- Robert Frost
[Somebody Else's Commentary]

Initially, few readers progressed in their appreciation beyond the
deceptively simple surfaces of his poems. But Frost writes symbolic poetry;
to arrive at certain basic truths about life, he explores feelings and
thoughts obliquely, through the use of simple bucolic incidents. Poems as
immediately accessible as "Stopping by Woods", "Mending Wall" and "Birches"
possess levels of meaning that are dark and profound - like subtle literary
parables. Although few of his early readers ever went beyond the delight to
the wisdom of Frost's poetry, the notion that he was merely the singer of a
benevolent nature is no longer accepted. He was a passionate and troubled
man, who sought in his poems 'a momentary stay against confusion'; and his
skillfully constructed poems testify to his mastery over that confusion.

     -- Gary Geddes, "20th Century Poetry and Poetics" (Oxford, 1996).

[My Own Commentary]

Frost is a master at making simple words say profound things. Here, he takes
an idle daydream, a whimsical (albeit slightly dark) musing, and converts it
into a telling insight into the destructive power of desire and hate, fire
and ice respectively. The metaphor is apt, and powerful: just as fire and
ice may one day destroy the external, physical world, desire and hate
destroy the internal, spiritual one. Very gnomic, and very Frost.


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Yvette R Sangiorgio said...

I would like to submit another interpretation of Robert Frost's poem, "Fire
and Ice." Just as fire and ice are opposites, so is desire, or lust, born
of fire, and hate, born out of ice, a coldness and lack of feeling or
caring. Frost presents us with contradictory images. Both emotions are
extremes of love, not merely spiritual love, but the love of humans, of
humanity. Both of these extremes destroy the soul of humanity and the
individual, and the metaphors of fire and ice fit. The beauty of the poem
is revealed when Frost unifies two opposites into a coherent form to make
us understand their connection.

SO1227 said...

Years ago while in high school, my literature book had a page with this poem
on it.
I have always loved it, but could not remember the author.
I graduated in 1963 and have never forgotten this poem. It just said so much.
I've quoted it to people over the years and most people just kind of make a
face as if it's a morbid thought. But to me it's pure human nature, it says
it all.
Just recently I was watching TV and the very first part of the poem was
quoted for a new series, which at this moment I can't even remember what the
series name is.
But the minute the actor said "Some say the world," I quoted the rest with
him and nearly fell of my chair because I've never found one person who knew
this poem.
Anyway thank heaven I found out the author and I'll always love it.

Abid Nimer said...

This poem describes the similarities between fire and desire, and between ice and hate. Fire is always changing, wanting more [to burn], as does desire, yet ice is cold and hard, always staying the same, as is hate.

XxSweeTyJ1xX said...

I love this poem. After my class finished "The Outsiders", my English teacher
recited part of this poem to us, since it was also by Robert Frost. I found
it so wonderful, that as soon as I got home, I went and looked it up, and
memorized it. It's really great how Robert Frost could talk about things such as
loyalty, hate, and desire, yet use words like "fire and ice." It takes a real
genious to do this.

MAtt THe MAn said...

i need help with explicating this poem. i have a two page paper due at 6

Mafkari69 said...

Would you please e-mail your description about "Fire and Ice" for me?

ConfusedGuy666 said...

Ummm... I dont know if I'm doing the right place for comments on this poem or
not, but I think that fire and ice is symbolic, saying taht fire is desire
and ice is like a hatred. Two complete opposites taht could come together for
one cause of evil.

TOM TORTCH said...

The temporal element to "Fire and Ice" appeals to me. Fire is rapid and consuming. It leaves only ashes. Freezing, on the other hand, is slow and stagnant. It leaves all; but can't
progress. In the end it doesn't matter because dead is dead. The choice is yours."Is it better to burn-out or to fade away?"

Scott Johnston said...

Does anyone see the irony of this poem besides me? I see that the authors
last name is FROST certainly this could have been a play against his own
name could it not?

Kris Snow said...

A great poem by Robert Frost. I have always liked this one. Reading it
"feels" good, the way it flows. And it was nice reading so many comments
on it. I particularly liked the one by Tom Tortch.....about the temporal
element in this poem. Burn out or fade away? I know which I personally
would pick! The poem is about emotions, in elements...but
either way, leaving no doubt in your mind where you end up.


Barb Kryger said...

A stunning poem. The images, the simplicity and the meaning of the poem makes it, in my opinion, Frost's best. Perhaps he is arguing that desire and hate can both be just as damaging. Think Hitler- his evil was propelled by the two forces. Desire for power and hate of other, like Jews.


RkA796 said...

This poem is qite good. it has short lines but it is somehow effective iam
only 15 i cant say iam into peotry but i find it quite good its intresting
and i was wondering if anyone has a poem about hate its a school homework if
yes pls mail me at

leftwithoutlight said...

I believe that Frost's Fire and Ice is truely a unique and fantastic display of poetic excellence.
The fire aspect of his poem is love, relating to religious beliefs. The apocolypse, the rapture, the coming to an end by consumption of such a pure love that all the evil, which is the world, can not exist.
In line 3 to 4, Frost says that with his experiences of love, he would much rather it end in love.
But then Frost takes a reverse and states that if the world had to die twice, he'd wish the second time to be from ice, hate, the scientific beliefs of a super nova sun that would freeze the earth over.
The word "suffice" in his final line is a weak word, and I believe he does this on purpose, for how can hate just suffice (be just enough to do the job)? There are many words he could have used in its place, but I believe he created a weakness on purpose. It adds to the reality of it all.
Frost, whether you agree with my interpretation of Fire and Ice or not, is an astouding poet with a beautiful talent for turning ordinary words into a passionate army of feelings and ideas.

-Matt Maxwell

Ryan said...

im so sorry about before, oh wait, no im not. I love you. Let me show you something...


Ryan Jones said...

I've enjoyed everyone's comments. I agree with many of you that Frost
is showing that fire (aggression/hate/anger) and ice (apathy, inaction)
are equally effective at destroying mankind.
What I like to do with poems, is initially read them very quickly with
no analyzing. And just try to get a feeling for the tone. Then I like to
go back and find the imagery/symbolism/etc,. This helps me, I hope it
helps you.

creighton said...

Nice poem its cool,but the ice is desire not the fire and the hate is ice.
Abid Nimmer got it all wrong.

ZKarDav said...

Evaluating the poem titled “Fire and Ice”, which was written by Robert
Frost, seems to show two ways in which the world can end the first being fire and
second being ice. I believe he is using fire as an example of war and how war
destroys everything leaving only memories and ashes behind just like fire
does. I believe ice is used in this poem as an example of peace, because peace
would cause the human race to over populate the world and use up its resources
and leave you with nothing no plants, no trees, and no air leaving you with no
life do to the suffocation of people and the suffocation of having no
resources like air.

thomas.tatro said...

I'm not entirely sure Mr. Frost has written about the world (Earth)
ending. I believe with this poem he has brought us a much more personal
apocalypse. For those of you out there who have been in love, you have
certainly felt the desire, the burning aggression to be loved in return.
You sacrifice the rest of the world as you know it for the object of
your affection. In some cases, every other relationship you have, i.e.
friends and family, suffers because of your love.

If you have experienced the kind of all consuming passion I'm writing
about, then you've also probably felt the bitter disappointment and
regret of love unrequited. When you bear your soul to another person
with those three little words "I Love You", and nothing is returned, or
perhaps a worse scenario, your world ends. For a split second, nothing
exists at all. No warmth, no compassion, only hatred and confusion.
Nothing is colder than being told you're not worth loving.

I for one agree with Mr. Frost. It's important to understand that once
that pillar of lust and devotion has consumed you, there's nothing left
to start over with. Your world has effectively ended. However, if it
had to be done twice, ice is just as nice, because there's still
something left to begin again. Sure you may just be an icy husk,
wandering through a half-life for a little while, but some other Sun
will orbit near you and warm you up again.

Thank you Robert Frost for this amazing piece of work.

SrA T. Tatro


Tara9121 said...

Can someone write a parody of this poem roughly using the same rhyme scheme?
It would be greatly appreciated! I'm doing an assignment of writing a parody
and I need an example. (Don't worry your not doing my work, I need to write it
to a different poem, I just want an example... I love this poem)

Hanvol said...

I admit that I love Frost's poem about Fire and Ice. This brings to mind the
idiotic story of the flood recorded in the Bible and the origin of the
rainbow. Even if I take the Biblical story as fact, not the fiction it is, what
does the rainbow truly signify. All it signifies is God's promise not to destroy
the world by flood again. Gee, what a swell guy. All God is saying here is
"Well, I promise not to use flood again to destroy the world if and when I get
pissed off at humanity, I'll just have to use some other method, perhaps
fire and ice, or asteroidal collision. Now that's a good one, got rid of the
dinosaurs did it? Maybe I shoulld have finished the job the first time."
Bertrand Russell wrote "The world in which we live can be understood as a result of
muddle and accident; but if it is the outcome of deliberate purpose, the
purpose must have been that of a fiend."

The Wilds said...

What is the difference in tone between this poem and "Earth" by John Hall Wheelock
Please Email me

swwoodcock said...

Yes my comment. I agree with most. The term fire and desire fit nicely togeather. But they also complement each other. I also can see were friged hate and extrem dislike complement ice. Love the poem.

O.Kerns said...


Some say tha world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what Ive tasted of desire
I hold wit those who favor fire.
But if it had ta perish twice,
I thiznink I kizzy enough of hate
To say tizzy fo` destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.

-- Robert Frost

Tait said...

I just want to say that I love this poem. I am only 16, but i feel that I have a good understanding, or just my interperatation, of what the poem is trying to say. I love how he uses two complete opposites, fire and ice, desire and hate, and show that no matter what way we look at it, the world is going to end. I think that the desire is talking about how we all wish that there is something else after this life and in order to find out for sure if there is something, we will have to die. I think that Robert, on some level, is spirtual. He wants to believe that maybe there is something else beyond this life, and dieing wouldnt be so bad. I think that he would rather end "his" world in "fire", beliveing that there is something else to go onto, but, dieing in hate, perhaps a war, wouldnt be so bad either.

Matthew Wala said...

Think of the "world" Frost speaks of as our home, and you discover
two ways to destroy a home. If you desire it too much, care for it
and want it to survive (as in tending a campfire), your "desire" can
lead out of control, ending up in your home and you being engulfed in
a huge "fire". "Hate" of something leads to neglect, and is you
neglect your home (or a campfire, again), it will be frozen in "ice",
which also "suffices" as a way to destroy something.

Lexluth68 said...

i always thought that fire would represent war and ice, natural causes.

Chris Cloke said...

"Sometimes I think my mind is fire.
Sometimes ice.
From what I've tasted of creation,
I often crave self-immolation.
But if I had to crumble twice,
To chance a stagnant mental state,
On learning how to melt the ice...
The risk is great,
But would suffice. "

-(remixing Frost)

Bohne Harald said...

when dit it perish the first time?

Harald, Norway jan 06

tlf 77621216, mob 90547196

Tanner H. Johnson said...

Ok, i have read the comments on this poem out of bordem, i dont know if
anyone still looks at these comments, but i read this poem for the first
time like a week ago, and it obviously isnt about good and evil causing
a greater evil or whatever it was someone said. He is saying that the
wold is going to end in a nuclear war[fire] and if the nukes itself dont
destroy the world, Nuclear winter[ice] is going to finish it off.

Applebottmz2008 said...

this poem was def. a great one I found out about it in my English 1 class
when I had this teacher named Miss Rini and I thank her because if it wasn't
for her I wouldn't have found about this great poem

Sam Milito said...

Come on, nuclear war? That is utterly and completely rediculous.
Like somebody previously said, it is about both real and inner problems,
but mainly inner.
And, to other people, Fire = Desire, Ice = Hate.
Just to clarify.
But I don't know where he got this from.
Its not like he really led a pathetic, heart wrenching,
suicidal depression inducing crummy husk
of a life.

Vi Reimers said...

Yes, I'd like to comment. I saw this recently chalked on a patio wall of the men's dorm at the college at Clarement, CA. I liked the rythym of it , but it has meaning. We all wonder if the world will end someday and how. And this gives us thought ...and so I'm working it out in my mind. I didn't know the author and so I'm surprised and pleased to have found the source. Maybe it is telling us to live a life of goodness w/our fellowman because what really counts is just that - the quality of life. A grandmother.

David said...

Some say dinner will end in cake,
Some say in cheese.
If it's like the one my mother makes,
I'd side with those who favour cake.
But if it is not one of these
And the biscuits are savoury
To finish, my choice would be cheese
(if it's flavoury)
Second helpings please!

ghel ugalam said...

I love this poem...I'm searching for a short poem to memorize,since Robert Frost is one of my favorite poet I looked for his poem..
Then i found this poem entitled "fire and ice".It is my first time to read this poem even he is one of my favorite..This poem is so simple but it has also deeper in meaning.
The words that he used are just ordinary.I think in this poem is asking us...if we want to die in fire or in ice...just remember fire is desire and ice is hate..
>nice poem<
this poem is not yet clear to me can you
reply on this if you
thank you if you will reply...

BlakeMMitchell said...

This is greatly overrated as poetry. I write better stuff myself.

Blake M. Mitchell

Magbagakay, St. Bernard

S. Leyte, Phils. 6616

Yiling Zhang said...

I think the poem can be understood in many layers.

First, of the real world ending, quickly and passionately in fire or slowly freezing over?

Secondary, a more religious layer. Fire leads to warmth, which signifies life. Also, the legendary creature phenoix, raises from ashes of a fire to be reborn. So fire may represent rebirth after death, resurrection. But also, Frost had experience so much hate and confusion in his lifetime that he would think maybe a cold final death may not be so bad after all.

Thirdly, the death of internal spirtual soul. Burning out quickly like a ball of fire or slowly fading away?

The poem could also be about the death of love. To desire, lust and dwiddle in despair after rejection. Or freeze the love in your heart, to not feel the pain nor anything.

There could be many other interpretions to this poem but none that I can think of that can cheer up the atmosphere of this poem. The last two lines: "Is also great, and would suffice." Nonchanlantly dismisses and concludes this short intense musing, as if not of great importance.

Great poem, maybe I'll write my exam on it:)

Bokelman Chad said...

Its about my outlook on women for me. A girl once said I look at women
through 'rose tinted glasses'. No. I look at them with a fire in my eyes
because if I look at them through the harsh realities and bitter tones
of ice all I get is negative perspectives. So I look at fire for desire.
And ice for hate.

william cole said...

hey i was reading online about "fire and ice" and i was wanderin if you did a paper on that poem, and i was just going to see how u did it.

Steve said...

I have just read the comment From: Yvette R Sangiorgio <yvetters@>,

re Frost's Fire and Ice.

All I can say is that's exactly it - how insightful. I love this poem, and
now I get it - Thanks Yvette

Human love is not love at all - it is the intense emotion (desire/hate)
that is born out of the need of the me. Love occurs when the me is not
there. Love is a sleeping person. Love is a walking lion. Love is an
emotion unattached to me.

BLA9RICHA said...

Valley Stream North High School, Franklin Square, New York graduate 1971.
Before that time, I memorized Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening,
Dust of Snow...
familiarity w how beautiful, peaceful, & promising (Robert Frost) life can
I visited the Derry Farm twice, at the end of the 70s, Derry, New Hampshire.
The eldest Robert Lee Frost daughter was at the farm on one occasion.
This was the dedication of the Frost Derry Farm as a National Historic Site.
Governor Meldrim Thomson spoke. - The Pinkerton Academy Band
(Robert Frost taught English at P before Ron St. Gelet taught P French)
played tunes quite well. - Lady was happy to talk about druids with me. So,
that is what we discussed before the ceremony & speakers. Pinkerton Academy
Band provided accompaniment to the druids.
I don't know what prompted our animated discussion on the subject.
If a major symphony orchestra had performed, the druids would not have
received a hearing. No more notice than most poetry. RLF have any dealings with
the druids? I wrote some poems back during Hofstra University times.
Sent a few to Lesley graduate of Wellesley which I thought would suffice.
We corresponded on several occasions. Lesley Frost Ballantine writes with
extremely small handwritten script. Why is that? A child in elementary school,
Corona Avenue Elementary School, Valley Stream, New York (Ronald C.), wrote
in penmanship class that way. Teacher gave him a hard time about it.
Just about everyone in the class had to see how small Ron's handwriting was.
And there were quite a few judgements passed on it.
- Robert Frost and Ezra Pound and Benito Mussolini were friends...
and...that is how the world ends? A stampeding herd, "they are cattle all of
them" (Ezekiel 38 Ezekiel 39 in The Dartmouth Bible) of muss? Or is herd
Muss? Musses sufficient selfishness would suffice. Hitlerian eyes all
ablaze...spirits as ice. Burning in their lusts one for the other...
Slip slide far away to Zeta...recover. Richard B

Linda Evans said...

Frost didn't believe good poetry was created by the usual use of unusual words. . .rather he believed in the unusual use of usual words. "Fire and Ice" explifies this to a T.

subtleties said...

there is a wonderful reference to this poem by T.S.Eliot in
Four Quartets in
Little Gidding

When the short day is brightest, with frost and fire, line 4
The brief sun flames the ice, on pond and ditches,


Jonathan Robin said...

for variations on a theme the following may amuse ... Enjoy !

Some say the world will end in muffins,
Some say in cake.
From what I know of belly-stuffins,
We all could get obese on muffins.
But if we say “For heaven’s sake,
my life is more than what I eat,”
I think that for enjoyment cake
Is yummy, sweet,
And no mistake.

Parody UN known pseud JM
Parody Robert FROST 1874_1963 – Fire and Ice
Some say our world will end with snails
some say in slug out blown.
From climate change, scarce dinner pails,
I'd back whales weighed upon time's scales.
For those who'd live to tell tall tale
of human nature 'nuff is known
To know that for destruction sown
slug outs wholesale
suffice - home-grown
pull legs' lost tail.

Some add our Earth will end in gales,
some say in flood.
From what one sees, men, off the rails,
act blind, facts sign guilt wracked, bewail
black luck, back muddied thinking, bud
cut off in prime. Few chew the cud,
fate ruminate,
most lies retail.

13 January 1993
robi03_0719_fros01_0002 PWX_DJZ
Parody Robert FROST 1874_1963 – Fire and Ice

Anonymous said...

i really like this poem coz it gave some learning about love and hatred of one person. Also, it gave realizations that as human being, as part of this world, we must do good deeds..... love you all,,,
>riza mhae mayordo

Mar said...

The poem has this beautiful simple words that create a universe of meanings. And when I read it, it reminds me precisely the Universe: the theories of Big Crunch and Big Freeze, fire and ice ending not only the world we know, but absolutely everything.
Probably, Robert Frost was thinking in something very different, but to me, the poem Fire and Ice represents the wonder before the uncertainty of the end, spiritually and physically. However, by mentioning feelings, he states that we do have a role in the course of things: lust, love, hate can change the fate.

Paige said...

I had to choose a poet for my final in school, so naturally I chose Robert Frost, a poetical genius. (to me)
This poem talks about the obvious things, but also has deeper meaning.
I fell in love with this poem since the moment I heard a quote from it in 2nd grade.
I was so glad I found the author, and surprised these comments go all the way back to the early 2000's.
There are many opinions, and you have all actually helped me finish my final.
Thank youuu. (:

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed by so many of these thoughts and tickled by some of the parody ;) but am so surprised that no one mentioned a popular notion, that this poem was greatly influenced by the book Dante's Inferno, in theory as well as the structure of the poem, 9 lines like the 9 rings of hell in the novel, just being one of them. Wikapedia has an intriguing and simplified few paragraphs about this comparison.


liz said...

im still not exactly sure what it means pls clarafy

liz said...

dat last comment by liz ws soooooooo stupid

liz said...

wow dats good poetry but stil da path not taken is my fav by far .........2 paths diverge at a yellow wood and sorry i cld not traval both and be 1 travler long i stood...........

Anonymous said...

This is a great poem I really like it. It is my favorite Robert Frost poem I have ever read, and i have read alot of his poems.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks thomas.tatro because of you I was able to write my paper in Language Arts with little difficulty. If anyone else needs some help understanding this poem I advise you to look at thomas.tatro's comment. Thanks again
and the United States Air Force is the best!!

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Anonymous said...

i love the poem as it describes the very deepest and unharrased feelings of Robert and how he felt about mankind destroying nature because of their own petty affairs that have escalated

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Anonymous said...

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