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O sweet spontaneous -- e e cummings

(Poem #945) O sweet spontaneous
 O sweet spontaneous
 earth how often have

           fingers of
 purient philosophers pinched

 ,has the naughty thumb
 of science prodded

       beauty      .how
 oftn have religions taken
 thee upon their scraggy knees
 squeezing and

 buffeting thee that thou mightest conceive

 to the incomparable
 couch of death thy

           thou answerest

 them only with

-- e e cummings
While the main theme of today's poem is one that never fails to faintly
disappoint me, I must admit that it has produced some beautiful poems. The
disappointment is, of course, due to the persistent failure of a certain
class of poems to understand the sheer beauty of science, and the fact that
the scientist's appreciation of nature is undiminished by the desire for
understanding. "O sweet spontaneous" goes much further than "pity this busy
monster, manunkind" - Cummings makes almost literal the (common) metaphor of
the scientist raping the defenceless earth.

The sexual imagery is underscored by the fact that Cummings changed
'philosophies' to 'philosophers'[1][2] - he sets not just Science, but Man up
in direct opposition to the 'sweet, spontaneous earth' (bleh!).

Annoyance aside, though, this is a wonderful poem. I may not agree with
Cummings' sentiments, but he makes them beautifully, with a vivid sequence of
images culminating in the exquisite

           ... the incomparable
           couch of death thy

In one short phrase, the scope of the poem is expanded dizzyingly - indeed,
the 'pace' and density of the poem increase sharply towards the end, until it
levels off gently, almost quietly in the last 'verse'. The almost concrete
nature of the layout helps here, with the multiple blank lines being used to
very good effect.

[1] see the first link
[2] maybe the new US version should read 'sorcerers' <g>

Links: has a bit of the
  poem's revision history in the notes

  Biography of Cummings: See Poem #57

  Some other poems on Science:

    Poem #54, Walt Whitman, "When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer"
    Poem #57, E. E. Cummings, "pity this busy monster manunkind"
    Poem #795, Harold P. Furth, "The Perils of Modern Living"
    Poem #797, Lewis F. Richardson, "Big Whorls Have Little Whorls"
    Poem #798, John Updike, "V.B. Nimble, V.B. Quick"
    Poem #800, Miroslav Holub, "In the Microscope"
    Poem #801, D. D. Perrin, "A mosquito was heard to complain"
    Poem #803, Catherine Faber, "The Word of God"


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Don Skoller said...

I think it's very important to allay the first commenter "martin"'s disappointments about the poem --"o sweet spontaneous earth ..."-- and its outlook on science. Cummings says "how often" not "always". Unless "martin" himself wants to be absolutist and grant the scientific/literalist/didactic mind a free pass on all it does, he might reconsider his paeon to science and pee-on to e.e.

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I agree with you when you say that scientists tend to reduce their appreciation of nature and its beauty when they try interpret it and explain it with the reason and logic.

Generic-Viagra said...

The progress in science is really taking humans above the seventh skies but at the same time it is also throwing the humanity as well as the mother land earth in the deep dark hallow. The writer of these article has really depicted the best scenario of these present world.

pilates machine said...

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Anonymous said...

No, no, no. I *am* a scientist, and this is my favorite poem -- I even put it into my dissertation. The point is that despite attempts by science (and you note, he also indicts religion and philosophy) to understand all the wonders and beauties of the natural world, the natural world remains indifferent, "answering only with spring." The Earth is NOT powerless -- we are. And that is a sentiment that many scientists share. In fact, it is the allure of this continual mystery that often draws one into science as a career.

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The sexual imagery is underscored by the fact that Cummings changed please let me know about this line

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Anonymous said...

The three systems of insight mentioned are being accused at least in part of running afoul of the "spontaneity" of earth. In formulating and articulating the phenomena of the world we always ossify those phenomena to some degree. We privilege certain possibilities for understanding them over others, thereby closing off still others. Our understanding overruns our experience and mediates it. See Nietzsche's "Truth and Lies in the Nonmoral Sense" for an interesting, if hyperbolic, discussion of this idea.

Cumming's sin here may be his failure to implicate poetry as guilty of the same to some degree!

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