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Evening -- Gulzar

Guest poem sent in by
(Poem #1296) Evening
 Day abandons it
 Night disowns it

 a poet picks it up
 threads it
 into a poem;
 but sometimes
 it is barren,
 so impotent
 it gives nothing,
 not even to the poet.
-- Gulzar
While surfing through the net, i came across this gem of a poem by Gulzar,
and, wonder of wonders, it's in English. Being a weekend, me and a friend were
exploring various emotionally charged Hindi songs and hit upon the idea of
surfing for Gulzar's creations, one of the geniuses of our time. The poem is
about evening and well.. just go through it!

[Martin adds]

Indeed a beautiful poem - it captures the fleeting, elusive nature of evening
as well as anything I've seen. And it stands in refreshing contrast to all
those poems that rhapsodise about twilit evenings (a time of day and quality of
light that have always struck me as more depressing than otherwise. Give me
dawn any day).


[broken link]

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This poem is exactly what I was not looking for in a poem that looks at 'evening experience'. This is not my experience of evening. Evening is my time of poetic magic.

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