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Big River -- Zachary Richard

Guest poem sent in by Matt Chanoff
(Poem #1590) Big River
 Water's on the river rising
 More water come than float away
 People from Catahoula down to Burway Bay
 They've got no place left to stay
 When the water's coming out the basin
 There ain't nothing waterproof
 Standing on the levee with the river raging
 I've got nothing left to lose

 Big river
 Big river on the rise
 Big river gonna overflow
 Big river is going to wash us to the sea

 Back in 1927
 Six feet of water in Evangeline
 Now the government trying to tell us
 Said that the levee's going to hold next time

 Big river
 Big river on the rise
 Big river is gonna overflow
 Big river is gonna wash us to the sea

 I've seen the water come under the levee
 Boiling up from a crawfish hole
 And before the sun was setting
 Four feet of water in my front door
 Big river
 Big river on the rise
 Big river gonna overflow
 Big river, Oh mighty Mississippi on the rise
 Oh mighty Mississippi is gonna overflow
 Big river
 Gonna wash us to the sea.
-- Zachary Richard
Today's poem is by Zachary Richard, one of the greatest Zydeco singers
around. It's a heartbreaking song -- though you have to hear him sing it for
the full effect. The reason to run it now is painfully obvious.

It's one an album called "Zach's Bon Ton" You can read about Richard at
[broken link]

Matt Chanoff

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