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The Windhover -- Gerard Manley Hopkins

(Poem #35) The Windhover
I caught this morning morning's minion, king-
    dom of daylight's dauphin, dapple-dawn-drawn Falcon, in his riding
    Of the rolling level underneath him steady air, and striding
High there, how he rung upon the rein of a wimpling wing
In his ecstasy! then off, off forth on swing,
    As a skate's heel sweeps smooth on a bow-bend: the hurl and gliding
    Rebuffed the big wind. My heart in hiding
Stirred for a bird, - the achieve of, the mastery of the thing!

Brute beauty and valour and act, oh, air, pride, plume, here
    Buckle! AND the fire that breaks from thee then, a billion
Times told lovelier, more dangerous, O my chevalier!

No wonder of it: sheer plod makes plough down sillion
Shine, and blue-bleak embers, ah my dear,
    Fall, gall themselves, and gash gold-vermilion.
-- Gerard Manley Hopkins
The very first Hopkins poem I read, and still one of my favourites.
Hopkins' wonderful sense of rhythm is shown at its best here - his
sweeping syllables seem to take on a life of their own, reflecting the
glory of the falcon's flight. This is one of those poems where form and
content match almost perfectly.


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Lennard Chow said...

One of the most beautiful pieces of poetry indeed. I am still awaiting
someone to give a detailed explanation of stanzas 3 & 4, though

Alistair SCOTT said...

A phenomenal poem. Sends shivers down my spine every time I read it. Hopkins' mastery of the language is well-nigh perfect.

Alistair Scott

michaelmas said...

A wonderful spiritual poem - most beautiful!

Kay Terry said...

I can offer one interpretation of stanzas 3 and 4; one recurring theme in
GMH's poems is the contrast between outward appearances and inward reality.
The Windhover demonstrates this.

Here he contrasts not only the unbridgeable gap between the wondrous
physical abilities of the bird, and the pedestrian, gravity-held ponderous
capabilities of people; but also examines the opposing natures of his own
outward appearance and the inner, bright-burning love he has for God. In
stanza 3, he attempts to demonstrate the magnitude of that love. For all the
grace, beauty and effortless majesty displayed by the bird, how much greater
is the reward to GMH of a moment of communion with God - 'a billion times
told lovelier, O my chevalier.' The wonder of the falcon's flight 'here
Buckles...' - comes to nought - when held in comparison with that
soul-searing moment when God stands near.

You see, GMH, as a Jesuit priest in the RC Church, wore dull, duly humble
clothing, covering him from head to foot. In addition, he was not a
physically prepossessing person, and he knew that, if judged only by
appearances, he would not be considered all that glorious an example of God
s love and grace. As is the bird.

In stanza 4, the explanation; and again the metaphors for contrasting outer
drab with inner glory. ' No wonder of it: sheer plod makes plough down
sillion shine..'. A sillion is the blade of a plough, that cuts down into
the earth, unseen, and is covered by the brown of the earth. The action of
the plough blade cutting through the soil wears the blade bright, shining
and clean. 'Sheer plod' - the dogged pursuit of the ploughing activity
causes the shining result. Like GMH with his glorious inner fire for God
covered by the brown of his priests' habit; and the 'sheer plod' of the
daily devotions, contemplations and efforts of his service as a priest will
hone, brighten and clean his inner, hidden soul to the same perfection of
appearance. The 'blue-bleak embers' - refer to the appearance of an ember,
when it cools to a dull, grey-brown outer crust; but when it falls from the
grate to the hearth and breaks open ('fall, gall themselves..') it reveals
the bright, hot, brilliantly alive centre - ('gash gold-vermilion).

Thus GMH wants to say that his uninspiring outer crust - his frail body and
priests clothing, likewise conceal just such a wondrous burning 'gold
vermilion' love for God that effectively equalises him with the bird in its
outward beauty.

Anyway, that's how I see stanzas 3 and 4. I hope I haven't just written
someone's GMH assignment for them.

Kay Terry

Robert Madden said...

Hopkins' "The Windhover"

Stanza 1:
The writer gushes about the flight of a falcon.
Stanza 2:
The writer particularly admires the falcon's sharp swooping moves. A
continuation of the theme from stanza 1, "... off forth on a swing, As a
skate's heel sweeps smooth on a bow-bend: the hurl and gliding..." When
the falcon "buckles", it's more exciting to watch. The "fire that breaks
forth" on these "dangerous" passes is the best part of the flying, for
the same reason that people pay to see a very good ice skater do
dangerous jumps instead of just gliding around the rink. Hopkins admires
the bravery of the act, although a falcon is probably not sensible of
Stanza 3:
We should not be surprised that a falcon can swoop masterfully. The
simple act of pulling a plow's blade through a furrow polishes the blade
shiny, i.e. this bird does it every day, all day long. The falcon has
had a lot of practice and has been polished by the effort.
"Sillon" is a French word for a slot, furrow, or wrinkle. But sillon
doesn't quite rhyme with vermillion. Sillion is a French family name,
possibly derived from sillon. He must have searched long and hard for
this rhyme, eh?
The part about the "blue-bleak embers" falling and making a lively
display of sparks in their final death seems out of place with the
preceding line. From a seemingly hopeless situation comes a brilliant
flash of light. Also incongruous is the phrase about "gall themselves,
and gash". To gall something is to rub it raw by friction, or to cause
it irritation and injury. Doesn't sound like something an ember does
when it breaks. To gash is to make a long, deep cut. Both verbs go
better with the "plow" line. The plow blade galls itself as it gashes
the soil to make a sillon. In the embers line, he presents another
example of something that through "buckling" is seen more glorious than
it was in its former, "bleak" state. The falcon doesn't suffer any
injury from swooping, so it's a stretch. To lace these two images
together, he galled and gashed them. This poem is probably a diffuse
mixture of metaphors about the public ministry, flogging, crucifixion,
and resurrection of Jesus, who revealed the glory of his life through
suffering and dying. Jesus also told parables about sowing the seed of
the good news of the gospel. Hopkins' dedication of the poem is "To
Chist Our Lord".


Jkenath said...

One of GMH's masterpieces, if not the one. I read it nearly everyday and yet
have it imperfectly memorized, perhaps one very, very day I shall truly catch
the Falcon in "his striding high there..."

Robeto Persivale said...


Robeto Persivale said...

The first stanza indicates that the narrator saw a beautiful image of a Falcon in the morning sunlight. The narrator includes a vivid reply to morning minion's flight. "I caught this morning morning's minion," In this first line of the poem and the poet is speaking about something "Minion", lovely, he saw that morning, and in the next line he indicates the Falcon is morning's minion. The Falcon is personified as prince or ruler of dawn and this is explained through the poet's use of the word "dauphin." "Kingdom of daylight's dauphin" indicates the Falcon is the prince of the day, "Kingdom". "Dapple-dawn-drawn Falcon," This is a description the poet uses to explain the Falcon's flight. Besides the Falcon's power and beauty, the narrator noticed it's been "drawn" by the morning light.

"High there, how he rung upon the rein of a wimpling wing in his ecstasy!" tells me that the Falcon's flight was done in a simple, elegant, and beautiful way. The poet notes a change in the Falcon's flight. This is shown when the narrator uses a strong word like "ecstasy." "Then off, off forth on swing," Changes the tone as if something has happened. "As a skate's heel sweeps smooth on a bow-bend." This simile shows the splendor of the Falcon's change in flight. The last sentence describes the poet's own feelings about how he felt when he saw this. "My heart in hiding Stirred for a bird,-- the achieve of, the mastery of the thing!"

The second stanza consists of things that indicate the poet's enthusiasm as he saw the Falcon fly down to his prey, with words like "oh". "Brute beauty and valour and act, oh, air, pride, plume, here Buckle!" Indicates how the bird went down on its prey. The second exclamation is the reaction that Hopkins has to what he is seeing. The Falcon flew bravely at this moment and the poet ends the second stanza with "O my chevalier!", or knight.

In this last stanza the poet has makes it clear that the bird's flight makes the land below shine like the shine of the morning sunlight. The "blue-bleak embers" refer to the blue sky that the Falcon flies through. It ends with the poet saying "ah my dear, Fall, gall themselves, and gash gold-vermilion." Probably speaking to the Falcon. This part of the poem expresses something different from the rest sense of the poem.

In conclusion the poem is a poet's passionate reaction of a Falcon's flight. He saw the Falcon's flight in the morning and he was impressed by its magnificence. We can say that the poem show us a relationship between a man and a bird, when he talks to the bird "O my chevalier," and expresses his admiration through the powerful words he uses.

Peter Rivard said...

Interesting variety of takes on the last two stanzas. Given the
poem's subtitle, which for whatever reason was omitted here ("For
Christ our Lord") and Hopkins insistence, as a Jesuit priest, on the
physicality of the incarnation, I imagine, in addition to the points
made above, a clearer identification of the falcon and Christ.
After its beautiful soaring, the falcon buckles--goes into a fall. It
pulls in its wings and plummets. In yielding to gravity, it becomes
both more awe-inspiring and more dangerous to its enemies--a falcon
dives to kill, after all.
In the eyes of a believer, Christ achieves his full majesty and
awesome power over his enemy--sin and death itself--when he buckles.
Only in yielding his body to be broken on the cross does achieve his
destiny (or purpose, if you prefer), and his power is then revealed to
be far greater than he'd shown in his life.
To me, both readings--mine and the "inner glory" described above--seem
to be in play (note that the embers don't reveal their inner beauty,
they "gash" it when they fall and break apart; the soil reveals its
beauty, too, when a wound is ripped into it by the plow).

cssrlimerick said...

As I stood on my childhood's favourite beach in County Clare in Ireland, ten years ago, and reflected on my recent experience of burn-out, and the blessing that it became to me, I saw a whole new meaning in this poem, 'The Windhover- To Christ the Lord'.
I was the one who had been 'striding high there','hurling and gliding', experiencing 'the achieve of, the mastery...' I had busy about many things, -too many things- and living ' the riding of the rolling level underneath him steady air'. Life was achieving and doing.
And then the crash,- '...pride, plume here Buckle' AND (the Capital letters here signify the changed situation)- the Buckling of life, the collapse, the powerlessness and loss of nerve and confidence, the entering into the cave of Sorrow and spending the necessary time with Sorrow, the re-discovering of the pain within, - all of this became a great Blessing, a Gift. And in the buckling came a new life, richer and more real. 'The fire that breaks from thee then, billion times told lovelier...- the blue-bleak fall and gash gold-vermillion'. The 'buckling' of the busy, active one leads to a new depth, 'a billion times told lovelier'.
For all the glory of the Christ, in his miracles and preaching, the 'buckling' in his passion, the silence and utter helplessness of him before his accusers and on the cross are ' a billion times told lovlier'.
A great parable of all this is to be found in the film '(Captain) Hook', about the ever-busy Peter Pan having to become like a child to find himself again.
The sick, the wheel-chair bound, can often show to us 'the fire that breaks from thee then',- in their courage. When the seeming dark embers collapse, what a wonderful flame within is revealed to us,- they 'gash gold vermilion'.
Seamus Devitt, C.Ss.R.

Miranda Thomas said...

this is my favourite poem without doubt.
I especially like
"No wonder of it: sheer plod makes plough down sillion
Shine, and blue-bleak embers, ah my dear,
Fall, gall themselves, and gash gold-vermilion."


Richard Masters said...

I am a huge Hopkins fan

I don’t really any other poets who have managed to conquer sprung rhythm
to the same extent.

I think the “gash vermillion for me” does it for me.


Richard Masters said...

This is one of my favourite poems from one of my favourite Poets.

I have read all of the comments from others.

But I feel they have all missed something. Hopkins being a Jesuit was a
very sexually repressed person.

In my humble view, his last three words “gash gold vermillion” were
recognition of the sexuality of the creature which gave him great awe as
much as its beauty. I have read that a former version ended in “For me”.


John Mijac said...

Regarding the reference to sillion in G.M. Hopkins' poem, by Kay Terry, I
wonder where Terry found the reference to sillion being a plow? After much
research, I concluded that sillion was most likely a variant of sillionite,
which is an old (and obscure) term for decayed mica found in rich soils.
This seems more likely to me and makes more contextual sense, while also
elevating the meaning of the verse even more (to my mind.) So, rather than
the tool being sharpened by the work, the "plowing" reveals the shine (of
the mica flecks) to man of God in creation.

John Mijac

John Mijac said...

Regarding the reference to sillion in G.M. Hopkins' poem, by Kay Terry, I
wonder where Terry found the reference to sillion being a plow? After much
research, I concluded that sillion was most likely a variant of sillionite,
which is an old (and obscure) term for decayed mica found in rich soils.
This seems more likely to me and makes more contextual sense, while also
elevating the meaning of the verse even more (to my mind.) So, rather than
the tool being sharpened by the work, the "plowing" reveals the shine (of
the mica flecks) to man of God in creation.

John Mijac

eid said...

The Patriots stretch out their wings over the earth to bring peace and democracy? Has Hopkin's vision of a gash gold-vermillion gratied? - It is nothing, but a chain of words intertwined to expose the anarchy of living..... Regards, Abd.kareem

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Edinjock said...

I think Kay Terry comes closest to the meaning, especially in her comments on
Hopkins' own feelings about his drab pedestrian life. Nearly all the other
commentators miss the spiritual and theological element in the poem. The poem
is so dense that I find new meaning and insight every time I read it.

John Irvine.

Walker Meade said...

Hopkins....Windhover...your question stanzas three and four....

Try this....

All our vain worldy triumphs must be broken, we must give it up in order to comprehend the divine fire of the love of the Christ.

It is hard work---not polish--that shines the plough share and the embers of the fire fall of their own accord and become beautiful. By the way a "Sillion" is not the blade of a plough as Kay Terry suggests. It is a furrow.

It is a splendid poem isn't it. Walker.

Norm Maser said...

Some interesting takes on this. Peter Rivard accurately notes that the
subtitle, "To Christ Our Lord", has been ommitted, reasons unknown. But that
subtitle, along with Hopkins vocation, surely suggest a spiritual connection
between the bird and The Christ, or at least that the bird inspires him to a
greater understanding of The Christ.

I have read other interpretations, so over-the-top slanted to the spiritual
side that they seem highly improbable. But as a poet myself, I see this a a
stroke of incredible inspiration, not of calculated, intentional message. I
believe that the poets meaning upon writing it is not so important as the
readers interpretation upon reading, and many beautiful and appreciative
interpretations have been forwarded here. This poem has inspired many, and
continues to inspire us to look at the beauty of the world around us, and
the one inside us, and to question and revere both. I think Hopkins would
feel affirmed by this modest yet glorious legacy.

Norm Maser

Flom Barbara M said...

Windhover is still one of my favorite poems after 40+ years of reading
poetry. The rhythm, density of imagery, and passion bring tears to my
eyes and chills to my spine. In thinking about the contrast between
"outer" and "inner" reality (as a few commentators have ably noted),
note that there is a also dual image in the falcon "buckling".
Physically, the falcon plunges toward prey, an exciting maneuver -- but
suddenly ("AND", in all caps, announces the transition), reality itself
buckles before the poet's eyes! Hopkins' heart, "stirred", makes the
identification that was lurking there all along. He sees "inside" the
Falcon and discovers God there. God is in all of His creation, of
course, but most of us go around most of the time not seeing it.
So the Falcon (the dauphin or "prince" of morning) is Christ -- Christ
as the one who replaces/vanquishes Lucifer (before his rebellion, the
former 'prince of morning'). And the plunge, as someone else noted,
mirrors Christ's descent to death to save us -- his "prey".
A few other dual meanings (which Hopkins loved) in the final stanza are
worth noting: the reference to embers that "fall" and "gall themselves"
are additional hints of Christ's Passion and death -- the Gospels say
that he fell twice while walking up to Calvary, and the soldiers gave
him (sheep's) gall to drink when he was on the Cross.

Peter Garrison said...

I would interpret "sillion" differently. "Plow down sillion" does not
make much sense if a sillion is a plow blade; but it isn't. It is the
furrow created by the plow. The OED cites this as a "nonce-use" -- that
is, a single instance of a word with this meaning. The normal, and
obsolete, meaning of "sillion" is a narrow strip of land in a field
which is divided up (presumably by furrows) for use by multiple farmers.
"Sillon" in French means "furrow" -- cf the Marseillaise, with its
prayer that the impure blood of tyrants and their henchmen "slake our
furrows" -- and (for me at least) the word has a resonance of the French
"sillage," meaning "wake" in the sense of the wake of a boat. I had
always connected the furrow/wake image with "sheer plod" by way of the
shine tamped earth takes on when tramped down by man- or horse-foot; but
it may be that Hopkins instead intended the shine of the clean cut made
by the plow blade in the earth. The metaphorical connection, of course,
is to the suddenly-revealed beauty hidden in ordinary and dull
(blue-bleak) things.

Peter Garrison

Tom McMahon said...


alan said...

Thanks for your explanation of "The Windhover, To Christ Our Lord". It
has increased my appreciation of the Poem immensely. I am writing a
short story, novellette, called "The flight of the Kestrel", basically a
coming of age story about a kid who has a very hard time growing up in
one of the last remaining schools of the Victorian era with all the
fagging and flogging still intact. At the end of the story which takes
place at the end of the sixties the kid, an autobiographical self, bunks
out of the boarding house to go and work as a taxi cab cleaner in the
early hours of Saturday mornings. At the end of his very first shift,
exhausted from his work and from getting up at 2 o'clock in the morning
he has an 'out of body' experience. He transmogrifies, shape shifts,
into a Kestrel which just also happens to be the name of the school
which he attends. So he becomes a Kestrel, the real thing, and soars
above his school and the city which holds it and overcomes the underling
status which he had to endure during his junior years coupled to a
derogatory nickname.

The shape shifting is triggered by the boy remembering that he has to
write an essay for his English master on G.M.H.'s 'Windhover'. He
recites the words of the poem to himself and being a manic-depressive on
the cusp of exhaustion it reduces him to tears. He wipes his eyes and
gets a bit of fluff in one of them. He catches sight of a kestrel in
the mirror inside the Taxi workshop (placed so people can see who is
coming without bumping into them). Eventually after rubbing his eye
quite a bit it dawns upon him (it is almost dawn) that the image of the
Kestrel is actually himself - when he moves, it moves likewise. Then of
course he is "*off forth on swing,
As a skate's heel sweeps smooth on a bow-bend" *and this flight sets
him free forever. Unfortunately he can never reproduce the precise
situation which triggered this event but the memory of it is the key
which unlocks the chains of his captivity to the role assigned to him by
his peers at the school and more particularly at the boarding house.

Copyright permitting I would like to incorporate "The Windhover, To
Christ Our Lord" in my novellette and I would be extremely grateful if I
could also incorporate some of your commentary on the interpretation of
some of the lines. It is despite it's great beauty quite a difficult
poem to understand. I feel that a full interpretation of the poem is
necessary to bring the beauty and the meaning to my readers (that is if
I ever have any :-) )

I hope you will reply. I guess you are a lecturer or professor at some
University. I managed to complete English Lit. I at University before I
dropped out...

Thanks for your time


Anonymous said...

the poem has 2 stanzas so good luck with that

Sildenafil said...

that is a beautiful poem indeed, I had the opportunity of reading this same poem in one of my literature classes and one of the things I like so much is the style and the wonderful imagery that creates in my mind!

LINI said...

The poem is indeed a beautiful one.It glorifies Jesus Christ.The comparison made by the poet is marvelous.As I read this poem it makes me feel the presence of God near me.

بلاك بيري said...

this is fantastic poem i'll share it

Penjelajah Dunia Maya said...

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Anonymous said...

I have to say that this poem is not that great. i would say crap but i dont want to disprespect people who like it and the fact that its titled to 'Christ our Lord.' i hate it and i have to write an essay on it.....:'( ITS A CRAP POEM!!! said it

Domain Rider said...

This is a wonderful poem that I first encountered 40+ years ago in English Lit. at school - thanks to an enlightened teacher. The explanation he gave was pretty much the same as Kay Terry's, and works for me.

Other Hopkins favourites of mine are 'Hurrahing In Harvest', 'Spring And Fall', and 'Binsey Poplars'.

Although I'm now atheist, I can still appreciate the beauty and devotion of Hopkins' works, and the torment he suffered (see 'No Worst, There Is None' and similar). He lives on through his work in a way few others achieve.

George Payerle said...

To quote Kay Terry, "A sillion is the blade of a plough". As others have noted, this is not correct. "Sillion" is the row of earth turned by the blade of the plough. To quote the website, "Sillion is usually called the slice or furrow-slice sometimes the mould. It is the thick body of soil that is turned over by the plough." To quote further from the same source, "As far as I am aware sillion is not a term in modern use and is probably dialect. The word may be onomatopoeic and derive from the sound of a single furrow horse plough in use." The author at farm-direct is Derek Moody. Mr. Moody goes on to say, "When freshly cut a plastic soil with a high clay content does take on a sheen and, from a distance, the whole field may gleam for a while in low sunshine." This certainly accords with my own observations of ploughing and ploughed fields.

Anonymous said...

See for live footage now of a falcon's nest with fledgling - may catch its' first flight soon.

Phil said...

John-boy read this poem to his mother, Olivia, on an episode of the Waltons.

Anonymous said...

Phil,I first heard this poem on the Waltons as you said...:)..many years ago.I was enchanted by it, as a lover of poetry. It is still one of my favorites. The imagery is just mind-boggling. The rhythm is "sprung" I read. Wonderful.

I felt the overall meaning of the poem to be about how we often miss the spirituality and majesty of everyday things and how beauty, simple beauty, is all around us.

I really enjoyed all the interpretations on this blog...very interesting.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad to find this site, as 'The Windhover' is probably my favourite poem, and I think Kay Terry has come nearest in interpreting it rightly. As always with Hopkins, nature is charged 'with the grandeur of God'The poem is indeed addressed 'To Christ our Lord', who, I think, is spoken to in the penultimate line: 'ah my dear', which appears to be a direct quotation from George Herbert's 'Love bade me welcome': 'ah my dear, I cannot look on Thee.' 'fall, gall and gash' may call to mind the Crucifixion. I have always understood the line 'sheer plod makes plough down sillion shine' to mean 'working hard in daily tasks makes the plough that has gone down the furrow shine'.
I would be interested in other views on this.
Brian Kelly

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