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A Code Poem For The French Resistance -- Leo Marks

Guest poem sent in by Vikram Doctor
(Poem #197) A Code Poem For The French Resistance
  The life that I have is all that I have
  And the life that I have is yours.
  The love that I have of the life that I have
  Is yours and yours and yours.

  A sleep I shall have
  A rest I shall have,
  Yet death will be but a pause,
  For the peace of my years in the long green grass
  Will be yours and yours and yours.
-- Leo Marks
One of those absolutely simple poems that one simply absorbs - I don't
remember ever memorising this, I just read it in an anthology and I've never
been able to forget it. What I'd like to know - which is partly why I'm
putting this out - is a bit about who the author was and when was it
written? And was it really for a purpose like the Resistance? Anyone who can
tell me a bit more about the poem or the poet please write in.


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Peter Halpin said...

This poem was written to allow resistance operators to transmit safely
from France during the 2nd World War.It was given initially to Violet Szabo
who worked for the resistance until her capture and eventual execution in

Bob Marshall said...

I saw Leo Marks recently on the BBC, he talked about this poem and it's use
by the resistance. I thought that he said the poem was written in memory of
a sweetheart killed at an early age, whilst doing military service in Canada

Derek Smith said...

Recently discussed on BBC Radio.

Leo Marks wrote some 500 poems to be used as code cyphers, and kept them in
a 'ditty box' - which he regrets disappeared.

This poem was given to Violette Szabo, and appears in a film about her
resistance activities, called "Carve her name in stone". I remember nothing
of the film, other than the two powerful scenes - one where she is taught
this poem, and the ending scene, her execution. (I believe the poem is read
in a voice over, pull back, fade and credits).

Matthew Diamond said...

The film was 'Carve Her Name With Pride'

In his book 'Between Silk And Cyanide' Leo Marks explains how he agreed
for the poem to be used in the film so long as the author's name wasn't

MTRDOGS said...

The story behind the creation of this poem is detailed in Leo Marks' book,
"Between Silk and Cyamide: A Codemaker's War, 1941-1945" Free Press. Mr.
Marks at age 22 began working for the SOE and created secret codes for the
agents dropped into Europe. This book take a bit of commitment to read, but
the reader will be absorbed and rewarded.


Leo Marks describes how this most beautiful poem came to be written in his
book, "Between Silk and Cyanide". This book is a "must read' and amplifies
what little knowledge we have of those incredibly brave people who fought the
war as secret agents. Bravo, Mr. Marks, you've done them proud!

JAAB40 said...

There are some pieces of poetry which become, almost from the moment of their
creation, immortal, unforgettable and somehow tightly wrapped around the very
core of your being: this is such a poem.

James Rae

Lauren Turner said...

Bob Marshall was right, this poem was originally written for Leo Marks'
fianc=E9e, who died tragically in a plane crash. After he became
involved in the SOE, he gave it to Violet Szabo to use as a code poem.
Leo Marks has since remarried. I think this is probably one of the most
simple yet heartfelt poems I have ever read.

Adrian Bracken said...

The interesting other connection (I believe) with Leo Marks, who wrote
this poem, was that he was connected with the Bookshoop at 84 Charing
Cross Road (owned by his father?) that featured in the exchange of
letters between the bookshop and Helene Hanff. This became a book and
latterly a play and film.

Ann Wellden said...

Since first hearing this poem in the film "Carve her name with pride" quite
a few years ago I have never forgotten it. I have always been curious as
to the author and was surprised and pleased to find this information on the
web. I was more surprised to find the author's name, as Marks was my
maiden name. I shall go to the Library to find more books/poems by Leo
Direct Line:Fax:

Bassia Bannister said...

James Rae is absolutely right. I heard this poem as a voice-over-melody, maybe taken from the film, I don't know. But the very first time I heard it way back in the early seventies it seemed to penetrate right through into my innermost being. It always speaks to me of a sorrow beyond all knowing and a truth beyond all understanding. For me it breathes the very rhythm of all that is eternal and in this way, perhaps, it transcends its own self. There are many poems I love but there is none that has ever affected me so profoundly as this code-poem has.

Garry Bannister

James Ingram said...

To clarify some of the comments on "The Life That I Have", having just
re-read "Between Silk and Cyanide" for the 4th or 5th time...

* Leo Marks composed this in 1943, for his fiancee who was (as stated)
killed just before Chrsitmas 1943 in an plane crash while training in
Canada. She was a God-daughter of Charles Hambro, one of his superiors.
* "Between Silk and Cynaide" *is* a "must-read", and requires no
"commitment" as one person stated. On the contrary, is is a joy to read and
unputdownable! Everyone to whom I has has lent the book now have their own
copies (they didn't even nick my copy!). How many books can you say that
about? IMHO it's the best book I bought in a decade - as simple as that!
* Yes, his father owned 84 Charing Cross Road, and Freud visited several
times, researching his book on Moses.
* Marks wrote the film script for "Peeping Tom", which has since been hailed
as a classic (but was withdrawn at the time because it was criticised as
being deviant - it also halted the career of the director Michael Powell for
14 or so years.
* He was also the voice of Satan in "Last Temptation of Christ"
* He was divorced in 2000, shortly before he died in 2001
* The poem featured was *only* given to Violet Szabo (not just initialliy)
as agents were not allowed to use the same poem or text as any other agent
had ever used.

Another poem featured in Marks' book goes:
Is De Gaulle's prick
Twelve inches thick?
Can it rise
To the size
Of a proud flag-pole?
And does the sun shine
From his arse-hole?

It was written by a group of FANYs who were asked to create poety, and
somehow I doubt it'll find it's way onto your pages, but it may give you a
smile. Marks' comments were: "the imagary was unusual, the words easy to
memorise, and the content not at all what the enemy would be expecting. I
asked him to tell the girls I was absolutely delighted with it and looked
forward to receiving the rest."


Hope this is interesting to you.

James Ingram
(yes, that IS my real name, no I don't sing and I can't put you in touch
with any record companies, but feel free to send me money)

Robert Wyer said...

Poignant, emotive, wonderful.

Steve Mauro said...

please critique my work from a thanksgiving 2000 journey to ft de nogent
#14201: ( many before my time have sought to join the foreign legion ..and
for a brief moment the only thought was how I never cheated anyone other
than death ).

I Cheat Death

Amidst the anachronist..
Fort de Nogent stands.
Vacant only to the legionnaire..
Beau geste erands.

The sculpted figure in kepi blue,
Enter through the electric iron gate.
Render your passport Marine ancienne..
The age board shall debate.

Alone behind thick stone walls...
hard tables and no windows.
Cold as a dirge..the only words...
I cheated death.

Steve Mauro said...

thanks for posting my poem..I Cheat Death...the theme of your online site is
in itself anachronistic as there are few if any today whom carry the
discipline of the french resistance..we can only hope history is learned and
not repeated.

Dreameraton said...

I remember this poem in the film Carve Her Name With Pride. I was struck by
its simplicity and of the beauty in its sadness as it promises eternal love.
It may have been used as a code but the essence is of an experience lived.

Ann Martin said...

Violet Szabo couldn't memorise the poem she was given, try as she might, and asked to be given another one. Marks gave her this one which she loved and memorised quickly. By altering words and their place in the lines when she transmitted home they knew certain things about her mission. They knew by the last transmission that she was about to be arrested.

Joss Carter said...

Leo Marks' abilities were remarkable and the poem "The life that I have..." is beautiful - the irony being that he knew that the act of using this , although not as dangerous as the faar better known works which agents were allowed to use was still extreme and in fact would almost certainly result in detection by the Germans because poem codes were so easy to break.
Mr Marks' book was quite delightful and the thing which I find frustrating is that it is almost impossible to find out anything about his life after SOE.
I was sorry to hear of his divorce and his death. The world is a poorer place without him.
Violette Szabo has always saddened me because I do not think that she ever recovered from the death of her husband and in a way almost embraced her fate when she and her organiser Phillipe Liewer were confronted. It was brave of her to give covering fire which allowed him to escape. It would have been better had she reacted in a rather more low-key manner which might have resulted in her surviving. But I am not sure that this was what she wanted - like many women who were given an unique opportunity to act in an "unfeminine" way by the circumstances of war, I think that she would have found the dullness of peace hard to endure. Christine Granville was another such, as was Eliane Plewman who had the amazing courage to hint to her German interrogator that if taken out for a good dinner, she might be amenable to telling him more about the circuit (Monk) in which she was employed and who, having eaten the dinner calmly announced that she had changed her mind. They don't make them like that any more. Let us hope that we have learned the lessons of history well enough not to make the deaths of such brave women necessary in the future.
Joss Carter

frances black said...

I saw the Movie version of Violet's life.I was too young to fully understand the more subtle ramifications of the poem,but I did memorize as I thought it was beautiful.I of course got the some of the words wrong.
I thought she was very brave.
Who played her in the film?Was it Simone Signoret?
Frances Black

A Code Poem For The French Resistance

The life that I have is all that I have
And the life that I have is yours.
The love that I have of the life that I have
Is yours and yours and yours.

A sleep I shall have
A rest I shall have,
Yet death will be but a pause,
For the peace of my years in the long green grass
Will be yours and yours and yours.

-- Leo Marks

Steve Clarke said...

Such a beautiful poem.

I visited the Imperial War Museum, London today 29.10.03 and read this poem there.

Having lost my mother just 10 weeks ago the words made very poignant reading.

Mandy Clarke

Maureen said...

I think you will find this poem was used by the BBC commentator at the
funeral of Princess Diana. If I'm not mistaken he said it as the coffin
was being loaded onto the hearse before it's journey back to Altrop. A
very moving moment and the poem stuck with me ever since. I am so
pleased to have found a little more about it.

Don Piears said...

I am due to minister at a funeral service where this poem is to be read at the committal, I am so grateful to all those who have added their comments, but especially to James. I shall be using his comments (in precis) to encourage the mourning family. I shall probably leave out the ditty about Charles DeGaulle, in case there are any French people in the congregation. Thanks again.

Elaine Andrews said...

This poem is beautiful, my late Mother ~ Catherine Maria Andrews ~
first heard it on BBC GMR in June 2003 and it moved her so much she
called me to tell me about it. Without having the words of the poem to
recite it too me, I could not at that time understand the true wonder
and nature of the poem. My Mother died rather suddenly two months ago
12th September 2004 and whilst clearing her out her home we found a copy
of the poem 'The life that I have' which I knew she had obtained from
the radio station as she had loved it so much. Reading the words from
the poem bring me instant comfort every time, I do find a certain peace
with the message in the poem ~ it is very serene. I must commend Leo
Marks for his beautiful ability to transcend such feeling into words.

Elaine Andrews.

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Garry Bannister said...


Howard Lawn

Other works


Favorite Links

Howard Lawn's Site

Amazingly this translation into Gaelic came to me in a dream. Or should I say, when I woke up, the words were sitting bolt upright in my conscious mind like suitcases left behind after a visit that cannot be remembered or like that feeling of having lived an entire life after hearing a few lines of music.

This code poem by Leo Marks is, in my opinion, the greatest poem ever written. It was on hearing it as a child made me decide to become a poet. How could so few words change the whole universe the way this poem does?

Howard Lawn

Code Poem
by Leo Marks

The life that I have is all that I have,
And the life that I have is yours.
The love that I have of the life that I have,
Is yours and yours and yours.

A sleep I shall have,
A rest I shall have,
Yet death will be but a pause,
For the peace of my years in the long green grass,

Translation by H. Lawn

An bheatha agàm - sin uile agàm,
Agus chugatsa, chugatsa é.
An grá 'tá agàm den bheatha agàm,
Chugatsa, chugatsa é.

Beidh codladh agàm,
Sos suain agàm,
Ach níl sa bhás ach ré,
Suaimhneas saoil dem chodladh san fhéar,
Chugatsa, chugatsa é.

Previous page Next page

patricia newbold said...

what a great peom it makes you think how many loved it, it took me all
weekend tracking it down but it was well worth it thanks for the information .

Garry Bannister said...


When I was downloading a a translation of Leo Marks poem [197] a whole wad of rubbish came down with it. Perhaps you have a way of deleting all the garbage after the translation into Gaelic. My apologies for spoiling this magnificent site which I really enjoy reading from time to time.


Garry Bannister.

Linda Geeson said...

I find the poem stirs all kinds of emotion in me, it is a truly beautiful
poem and my favourite.

Linda Doncaster

Lin Hawkins said...

One drunkem night with my Dad he reminded me of this poem. He recited it to me and I know it meant alot to him. Carve her name with Pride was his favourite film and I remember watching it with him when I was little. When he died my brother read it out at the funeral and I knew my Dad would have been pleased.
Last week a good friend died suddenly and I was reminded of losing Dad and the poem. Tonight I found this site and have read the poem again. It has got to be the most comforting poem ever written when you have lost someone. Marks continues to bring a sense of peace to us today and probably for evermore.
Also we should take time to remember women like Violet and Leo Mark's poem ensures she will not be forgotten.

Peter McBride said...

I have read much about the SOE and Mr Marks and Violette Szabo and the
poem has a big part in my life. Sadly it is strongly rumoured that it
was not written by him, not given to Violette, but was written
specifically for the film which is why the use of the poem was approved
but without identification of the authorship.

Even if true it will not detract from its beauty for me.


murali said...

Truly inspirational, evocative...brought tears to my eyes, making me interpret
it to fit my own life and love.

Murali Raman

Ber nard shaw said...

She was played by Viginia McKenna in the film.

Why use the word 'executed' when 'murdered' would be more accurate?

Anonymous said...

Tell it to your children,with love

Anonymous said...

We should never forget these brave souls who gave their lives in some cases so we can be free, and how some of these brave people have since died alone. Thank you Eileen Neame "Mademoiselle du Tort" SOE.

Of the 39 female SOE agents 13 failed to return.

It should not require A tabled motion in the House of Commons to Bury these People it Should be their "RIGHT"

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Anonymous said...

I must disagree with one of James Ingram's comments - the book is very hard to read, mainly because of many errors. These are not just the numerous typographical erros, but also the mistakes in the explanation of how to decode poem codes ! The printed material showing the example of a code is incorrect - several numbers are wrong.
The jokey, very Jewish material grates after a while. It could have been 350 pages, not 600.
However, it is indeed a very important book, and after several attempts I worked my way through it, and solved his mistakes in his codes.

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Unknown said...

Pointe Claire, QC, Canada

I am humbled when I read the heroic accounts of what people suffered, that we may enjoy our freedoms today.

Second world war heroine’s George Cross medal to be auctioned off
The medals of Violette Szabo, who was tortured and killed for working with French resistance groups, will go on sale on 22 July 2015

‘A dark-haired slip of mischief ... she had a Cockney accent, which added to her impishness.’
- Leo Marks, one of S.O.E’s code-masters, recalls his meeting with Violette on the eve of her first mission to France in April 1944.

Here is a wonderful file that includes the poem, photographs, mementos, details of Ms. Szabo's George Cross group and a comprehensive biography of her actions:

The Important Posthumous Second World War George Cross group awarded to Violette Szabó,
Women’s Transport Service (F.A.N.Y.) and ‘F’ Section, Special Operations Executive (S.O.E.),
late Auxiliary Territorial Service (A.T.S.) 22 Jul 15.pdf

Anonymous said...

Seberat apapun beban masalah yang kamu hadapi saat ini, percayalah bahwa semua itu tidak pernah melebihi batas kemampuan kamu.

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