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Reasons For Waiting -- Ian Anderson

Guest poem sent in by Krishnan Srinivasan
(Poem #741) Reasons For Waiting
 What a sight for my eyes
 to see you in sleep.
 Could it stop the sun rise
 hearing you weep?
 You're not seen, you're not heard
 but I stand by my word.
 Came a thousand miles
 just to catch you while you're smiling.

 What a day for laughter
 and walking at night.
 Me following after, your hand holding tight.
 And the memory stays clear with the song that you hear.
 If I can but make
 the words awake the feeling.

 What a reason for waiting
 and dreaming of dreams.
 So here's hoping you've faith in impossible schemes,
 that are born in the sigh of the wind blowing by
 while the dimming light brings the end to a night of loving.
-- Ian Anderson
"Reasons For Waiting"  is a song written by Ian Anderson and appears on
Jethro Tull's second album, "Stand Up".  To me this song has an ethereal
quality that comes through even on paper - the music is quite lovely too,
featuring acoustic guitar, flute and strings. There's not a lot that needs
to be read into these words - it's romantic, and describes feelings and
thoughts in a very special and touching way... valentine's day may be past,
but i am sure no one could resist being told that you came a thousand miles
just to catch them while they were smiling...

This is from Jethro Tull's second album, "Stand Up".  The album itself is an
interesting mix of hard rockers, bluesy jams and  folksy ballads like this
one - the band hadn't quite achieved the refinement seen in later (and more
commercially successful) albums like Heavy Horses, Thick As A Brick and
Aqualung, which is probably what makes it one of my all time favorites.

- Krish Srinivasan


Here's Anderson's biography: [broken link]

from the official Tull website:

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