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Ooly Pop a Cow -- David Huddle

(Poem #1346) Ooly Pop a Cow
     for Bess and Molly

 My brother Charles
 brought home the news
 the kids were saying
 take a flying leap
 and eat me raw
 and be bop a lula.

 Forty miles he rode
 the bus there and back.
 The dog and I met him
 at the door, panting
 for hoke poke, hoke
 de waddy waddy hoke poke.

 In Cu Chi, Vietnam,
 I heard tapes somebody's
 sister sent of wild thing,
 I think I love you
 and hey now, what's that
 sound, everybody look what's ...

 Now it's my daughters
 bringing home no-duh,
 rock out, whatever,
 like I totally
 paused, and like
 I'm like ...

 I'm like Mother, her hands
 in biscuit dough,
 her ears turning red
 from ain't nothing butta,
 blue monday, and
 tutti frutti, aw rooty!
-- David Huddle
David Huddle, (b. 1942, Ivanhoe, VA) was a parachutist in Vietnam. He
lives in Vermont, where he writes fiction and essays as well as poetry.
Today's poem is from "Summer Lake", published in 1999. It's a simple and
direct offering that uses language and popular music to personalize the
passage of time, in just five short stanzas. Nothing spectacular, but
nice nonetheless.


PS. Gene Vincent, Elvis Presley, Fats Domino, Little Richard, the
Troggs, Buffalo Springfield... yeah.

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J. Henry Lewis said...

Hey There,

The poem title "Ooly Pop a Cow" brought back a memory of this
phrase being in a Buchanan & Goodman record called "Buchanan &
Goodman On Trial". I have tried and tried in vain to remember what
song that phrase "Ooly pop a cow pop a cow pop a cow cow" came
from. Do you know? If you do, would you please e-mail me with it?
I would greatly appreciate having this question answered. Thanks.


ps I have attached an mp3 of the phrase
"Ooly Pop A Cow Pop A Cow Pop A Cow Cow".

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