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From Catullus V -- Sir Walter Raleigh

(Poem #1464) From Catullus V
 The sun may set and rise,
 But we, contrariwise,
 Sleep, after our short light,
 One everlasting night.
-- Sir Walter Raleigh
Typically, Raleigh seizes upon the most fatalistic aspect of Catullus'
love song, and converts it into an epigram that is no less poignant for
being less than staggeringly original. I don't have much more to say,
and this commentary is already twice as long as the poem being commented
on, so I'll stop here :)


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John K. Taber said...

The goal of originality is fairly recent. I date it
to the Romantic era.

Before then, roughly from the Middle Ages to the Romantic
era (1800s and later), originality was suspect.

The feeling was, the World was once near perfect,
as were humans. It was the Golden Age. Imperceptibly, humans
and the World slipped into the Silver Age. Pretty good,
but nevertheless not what it was. It was downhill ever
since, deplorable even.

Thus, if it was not done before, it probably should not be
done now. Poets deliberately modelled themselves on the
classical poets. Spencer imitates Virgil's Eclogues in
his Shepard's Calender. I lose track of how many poets
imitated Horace. Everybody's ambition was to imitate, if
not Homer, at least Virgil's Aeneid. None succeeded. Poets
avoided anything that did not have precedence in the more
perfect past.

Some poets could not help being original. Someplace, in his
introduction to the Canterbury Tales, Chaucer apologizes
for his originality as if it were an imperfection, and
asks the reader's indulgence.

Raleigh imitating Catullus was doing the right thing. It
was a different mind-set.

John K. Taber

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We hug the world until it stings,
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We live, we love, we woo, we wed,
We wreathe our prides, we sheet our dead.
We laugh, we weep, we hope, we fear,
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Mortality FTW. Actually, not really, because it makes me sad.

Keith Andrew Massey said...

It's such a beautiful poem. And all the more sad considering how this love affair would end.
I made a song out of the Latin original. I hope you enjoy it:

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