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The Perfume -- A D Hope

Guest poem sent in by "William Grey"
(Poem #1748) The Perfume
   "... marked males of the silkworm moth have been known to fly upwind seven
  miles to a fragrant female of their kind ... the chemical compound with
  which a female silkworm moth attracts mates is highly specific; no other
  species seem aware of it. In 1959, the Nobel Laureate Adolph Butenandt of
  the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry in Munich succeeded in analysing
  it. He found it to be an alcohol with sixteen carbon atoms per molecule

    L. and M. Milne: The Senses of Animals and Men.

 0 Chloƫ, have you heard it,
  This news I sing to you?
 It's true, my lovely bird, it
  Is absolutely true!
 A biochemist probing
  Has caught without a doubt
 The Queen of Love disrobing
  And found her secret out.

 What drives the Bombyx mori
  To fly, intrepid male,
 Lured by the old, old story
  Six miles against the gale?
 The formula, my Honey,
  Is now in print to prove
 What is, and no baloney,
  The very stuff of love.

 At Munich on the Isar
  Those molecules were found
 Which everyone agrees are
  What makes the world go round;
 What draws the male creation
  To love, my darling doll,
 Turns out, on trituration,
  To be an alcohol.

 A Nobel Laureatus
  Called Adolph Butenandt
 Contrived to isolate us
  This strong intoxicant.
 The boys are celebrating
  And singing at the club:
 Here's Bottoms up! to mating,
  Since Venus keeps a pub!

 My angel, 0, my angel,
  What is it you suffuse,
 What redolent evangel,
  What nosegay of good news?
 What draws me like a dragnet
  And holds and keeps me tight?
 What odds! my fragrant magnet,
  I shall be drunk tonight!
-- A D Hope
The thread of poems on intoxication prompts me to submit a poem  by
Australian poet A.D. Hope (1907-2000) linking intoxication and love. It is
the second in a sextet entitled 'Six Songs for Chloƫ'. Hope had a thirst
for learning which ranged widely over texts ancient and modern, and which
included contemporary research in science as well as poetry and philosophy.

The poem is from A.D. Hope, New Poems 1965-69, pp. 33-34.

William Grey

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The Death of the Bird
For every bird there is this last migration;
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Love pricks the course in lights across the chart.
He have originality and passion on all his poems.

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