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A Love Poem -- Sivakami Velliangiri

Guest poem sent in by "Nelson JS Santhosh"
(Poem #1261) A Love Poem
 Y  o  U
 into  my  eyes
    like  red
 d  u  s  t.
-- Sivakami Velliangiri
I dont know if this would qualify for a guest poem--it's a "shape" poem."
Red chilli dust in the eyes" is one of the best ever descriptions of love
that I have ever heard.The jealous rage when your lover talks to another
male friend,the suddenly loud heartbeat when you wave her goodbye...etc etc
- all that heightened emotional intensity: reality's salt on the wounds of
love...all of it can be distilled into this one line.

About the poet:
This is by a relatively unknown Indian poet-Sivakami Velliangiri.Her works
have been published in The Brown Critique,The Little Magazine and Youth
times etc and lately there was an article in The Deccan Herald.....but
theres not much about her on the net. Theres another amazing poem called
Creation which I happened to come across in an old copy of Youth times, which
eventually led me to this...exquisite discovery.

A poster, a paean, a poem.

Nelson JS Santhosh

[Martin adds]

Concrete poetry's okay in small doses, though I don't really care for it
overmuch. In this case, while I loved the image of red chili dust, and the
sensation of a slow drifting fall, I don't think the shape aspect adds
enough to it to justify its inclusion. In other words, I can't help but feel
that this would have worked better without the typographical 'tricks' - both
because they're distracting, and because they lend the poem an unwanted air of
playfulness that jars against what the words say.

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Nelson JS Santhosh said...

I am sorry, but what is concrete poetry - a genre?

> Guest poem sent in by "Nelson JS Santhosh"
> [Martin adds]
> Concrete poetry's okay in small doses, though I don't really care for
> it overmuch.

Nelson JS Santhosh

Martin DeMello said...

--- Nelson JS Santhosh wrote:
> I am sorry, but what is concrete poetry - a genre?

Concrete poetry is poetry like today's, where the physical layout is a
significant part of the poem.


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