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The Road Not Taken -- Robert Frost

Did I say time constraints? Sorry - I meant severe date constraints, of
course - given the date, I couldn't not post that <g>. We now return you to
your regularly scheduled blither^Wpoetry...
(Poem #51) The Road Not Taken
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
-- Robert Frost
Roads have long fascinated mankind, whether as metaphors for life, change,
journeys, partings, adventure, etc., or simply as roads, with all their
implications of 'here' and 'not here', and the fact that the two may not be
as separate as one thought. This is probably why they, and all their
attendant images, have permeated art, literature (especially sf&f) and song.
They have also inspired some of my favourite poems, including Tolkien's "The
Road Goes Ever On" [minstrels poem #4, and do read the quoted passage of
text after it] and this one.

As for the poem itself, there are doubtless a multitude of meanings hidden
below the surface - the main one, of course, refers to Frost's own life, and
the decisions he made therein (see biography). Personally I feel that the
however many layers of meaning and allusion a poem contains, it is the
literal, surface reading that determines much of its merit (and nearly all
of its popularity). This poem certainly passes the test - it is nicely
lyrical, and the last verse is one of Frost's most quoted.

Biographical Notes:

  b. March 26, 1874, San Francisco, Calif., U.S.
  d. Jan. 29, 1963, Boston, Mass. in full ROBERT LEE FROST American poet
  who was much admired for his depictions of the rural life of New
  England, his command of American colloquial speech, and his realistic
  verse portraying ordinary people in everyday situations.

  Meanwhile, Robert continued to labour on the poetic career he had begun
  in a small way during high school; he first achieved professional
  publication in 1894 when The Independent, a weekly literary journal,
  printed his poem "My Butterfly: An Elegy." Impatient with academic
  routine, Frost left Dartmouth after less than a year. He and Elinor
  married in 1895 but found life difficult, and the young poet supported
  them by teaching school and farming, neither with notable success. [...]

  Frost became an enthusiastic botanist and acquired his poetic persona of
  a New England rural sage during the years he and his family spent at
  Derry. All this while he was writing poems, but publishing outlets showed
  little interest in them.

  By 1911 he was fighting against discouragement. Poetry had always been
  considered a young person's game, but Frost, who was nearly 40 years
  old, had not published a single book of poems and had seen just a
  handful appear in magazines. In 1911 ownership of the Derry farm
  passed to Frost. A momentous decision was made: to sell the farm and
  use the proceeds to make a radical new start in London, where
  publishers were perceived to be more receptive to new talent.
  Accordingly, in August 1912 the Frost family sailed across the
  Atlantic to England. Frost carried with him sheaves of verses he had
  written but not gotten into print. English publishers in London did
  indeed prove more receptive to innovative verse, and, through his own
  vigorous efforts and those of the expatriate American poet Ezra Pound,
  Frost within a year had published A Boy's Will (1913). From this first
  book, such poems as "Storm Fear," "Mowing," and "The Tuft of Flowers"
  have remained standard anthology pieces.

  In London, Frost's name was frequently mentioned by those who followed
  the course of modern literature, and soon American visitors were
  returning home with news of this unknown poet who was causing a sensation
  abroad. The Boston poet Amy Lowell traveled to England in 1914, and in
  the bookstores there she encountered Frost's work. Taking his books home
  to America, Lowell then began a campaign to locate an American publisher
  for them, meanwhile writing her own laudatory review of North of Boston.

  Without his being fully aware of it, Frost was on his way to fame. [...]
  Frost soon found himself besieged by magazines seeking to publish his
  poems. Never before had an American poet achieved such rapid fame after
  such a disheartening delay. From this moment his career rose on an
  ascending curve.
    -- EB

  [Frost was also the first, and afaik only, person to win the Pulitzer four
  times - m.]


  Frost was the most widely admired and highly honoured American poet of
  the 20th century. Amy Lowell thought he had overstressed the dark
  aspects of New England life, but Frost's later flood of more uniformly
  optimistic verses made that view seem antiquated. Louis Untermeyer's
  judgment that the dramatic poems in North of Boston were the most
  authentic and powerful of their kind ever produced by an American has
  only been confirmed by later opinions. Gradually, Frost's name ceased
  to be linked solely with New England, and he gained broad acceptance
  as a national poet.

  It is true that certain criticisms of Frost have never been wholly
  refuted, one being that he was overly interested in the past, another
  that he was too little concerned with the present and future of
  American society. Those who criticize Frost's detachment from the
  "modern" emphasize the undeniable absence in his poems of meaningful
  references to the modern realities of industrialization, urbanization,
  and the concentration of wealth, or to such familiar items as radios,
  motion pictures, automobiles, factories, or skyscrapers. The poet has
  been viewed as a singer of sweet nostalgia and a social and political
  conservative who was content to sigh for the good things of the past.

  Such views have failed to gain general acceptance, however, in the
  face of the universality of Frost's themes, the emotional authenticity
  of his voice, and the austere technical brilliance of his verse. Frost
  was often able to endow his rural imagery with a larger symbolic or
  metaphysical significance, and his best poems transcend the immediate
  realities of their subject matter to illuminate the unique blend of
  tragic endurance, stoicism, and tenacious affirmation that marked his
  outlook on life. Over his long career Frost succeeded in lodging more
  than a few poems where, as he put it, they would be "hard to get rid
  of," and he can be said to have lodged himself just as solidly in the
  affections of his fellow Americans. For thousands he remains the only
  recent poet worth reading and the only one who matters.

    -- EB

[And a couple of rather long pieces on Frost's use of language, included
because they shed a revealing light on this and most of his poems.]

  When he was (supposedly) twenty, Frost first realized that real artistic
  speech was only to be copied from life. He never claimed to be the first
  poet to arrive at this understanding, but found that "where English poetry
  was greatest it was by virtue of this same method in the poet" and "he
  illustrated it in Shakespeare, Shelley, Wordsworth, and Emerson" (Lathem and
  Thompson 259). Frost explained his method as follows:

    What we do get in life and miss so often in literature is the sentence
    sounds that underlie the words. Words themselves do not convey meaning,
    and to [. . . prove] this, . . . let us take the example of two people who
    are talking on the other side of a closed door, whose voices can be heard
    but whose words cannot be distinguished. Even though the words do not
    carry, the sound of them does, and the listener can catch the meaning of
    the conversation. . . . [T]o me a sentence is not interesting merely in
    conveying a meaning of words. It must do something more; it must convey a
    meaning by sound. (Lathem and Thompson 261)

  What Frost strove to achieve was what he called "sound posturing," or
  "getting the sound of sense" (Lathem and Thompson 259). As for his language,
  Marie Borroff argues in her essay, "Robert Frost's New Testament: The Uses
  of Simplicity," that Frost manages to use "simple" words in order to achieve
  "high style." Borroff analyzes certain of his early poems and discovers a
  statistically low content of both Romance and Latinate words, and a high
  content of words of native derivation--not to mention a preponderance of
  one- and two-syllable words. The effect of this is to lend Frost's poetry an
  apparently "simple" and informal speech.

  But Borroff maintains that writers and speakers adopt different modes of
  discourse for different purposes, and that diction and vocabulary are
  selected as appropriate for a particular occasion, from the "distinctly
  formal" to the "distinctly colloquial" (69). Between the two extremes,
  however, lies "the 'common' level to which most words belong.. Such words
  are 'common' to literary and colloquial use alike. . . . They are
  chameleon-like, standing out neither as conspicuously folksy or talky in
  literary contexts nor as conspicuously pretentious in colloquial contexts"
  (69). Such words take on a particular "air" of formality, or of informality,
  in a particular context. "[A] number of Frost's best-known early lyrics are
  made of a language from which distinctively formal words are largely
  excluded. But it is equally true and important . . . that the language of
  these poems is lacking in words and expressions of distinctively colloquial
  quality" (70). In addition, Borroff notes that in its Biblical allusiveness,
  Frost's language acquires a "high formality" that can be attributed to the
  dignity of tone which is imputed to religious subject matter in our cultural
  tradition (73).

  Frost's language, therefore, cannot be adequately described as "simple" or
  as merely "common." Rather, "it dips occasionally to the distinctively
  colloquial level of everyday talk, as in the remark 'Spring is the mischief
  in me" . . . . It is embellished with an occasional poetic or biblical
  archaism of native derivation (o'er night and henceforth in "The Tuft of
  Flowers"), or archaic construction ("knew not" in "Mowing") or inversion of
  word order ("something there is" in "Mending Wall") (Borroff 72).

      -- Susan Siferd,
      <[broken link]>

  The sign that he is at home is that his language is plain; it is the human
  vernacular, as simple on the surface as monosyllables can make it. Strangely
  enough this is what makes some readers say he is hard--he is always
  referring to things he does not name, at any rate in the long words they
  suppose proper. He seems to be saying less than he does; it is only when we
  read close and listen well, and think between the sentences, that we become
  aware of what his poems are about. What they are about is the important
  thing--more important, we are tempted to think, than the words themselves,
  though it was the words that brought the subject on. The subject is the
  world: a huge and ruthless place which men will never quite understand, any
  more than they will understand themselves; and yet it is the same old place
  that men have always been trying to understand, and to this extent it is as
  familiar as an old boot or an old back door, lovable for what it is in spite
  of the fact that it does not speak up and identify itself in the idiom of
  abstraction. Frost is a philosopher, but his ideas are behind his poems, not
  in them--buried well, for us to guess at if we please.

    -- Mark van Doren, in The Atlantic Monthly


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colin.leyland said...

I really like this poem, I'm a student stying it for GCSE, I like how it makes sense at a first read, but has a new meaning evertime you read it.

Derek B said...

To all who sincerely appreciate this poem (a large audience, Im quite sure), I say this is a poem of that continuous self analysis that creeps into us when presented with two choices, sometimes optimum, many times bitter. As a member of mankind, I join you and Mr. Frost in our struggle for self-realization.

ThereKelleau said...

hi i juss wanted to say i just love your poems my favorite one is the road
not taken but we have to memorize this one at school i just love these poems im
12 yrs old and live in wv and go to EJHS


Rodrigo Travassos Stipp said...

It's through this kind of reading that English proves to be an universal language. It's the kind of literaure you read on you first years of EFL and as the years go by you find many many different interpretation perspectives. Rodrigo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Kath said...

Your descriptions of Frost's poems have been a source of great information. I actually enjoyed Frost's poetry, however, truly understanding them in a "not overly intellectual" way makes them all the more pleasant for rereading. Thank you for your insights.


Sam Dickenson said...

I've been a fan a Robert Frost since my teacher Mr. Gurganus Recited some of his work. The one poem that really snatched my attention was "The Road Not Taken." This poem has touched me in a way that i can't really explain, but i know that it has. Your site has shown me more information about him and other poems that he has writen, so keep up the really good work.

biggred0020 said...

Sometimes, i think of this poem, and i apply it to every day life. I can be
standing in a bad situation, And only have but 2 ways to go. Either left, or
right. How do i know, which way i turn, would be the right way? How do i know,
that once i had set my way down one road, that things will not change on me?
They both seem to be sunny, and safe to drive on, but what lays in your path
miles down the road?

Sometimes, the only way to find out what lays ahead of you, is to take that
chance, and set forth down that open road that you chose. But at the same time,
be prepared for changes. The road isn't always going to be straight, it isn't
always going to be flat, it isn't always going to be sunny. There will be
curves and bumps, and some rain to shower on your parade. But its just all a
part of life, and we need to be able to overcome any obsticle in our way. Just
thank man for a roof to keep you from getting wet from the rain.


La La Lolly Lou Lou said...

The inspiration for it (The Road Not Taken) came from Frost’s amusement over
a familiar mannerism of his closest friend in England, Edward Thomas. While
living in Gloucestershire in 1914, Frost frequently took long walks with
Thomas through the countryside. Repeatedly Thomas would choose a route which
might enable him to show his American friend a rare plant or a special
vista; but it often happened that before the end of such a walk Thomas would
regret the choice he had made and would sigh over what he might have shown
Frost if they had taken a "better" direction. More than once, on such
occasions, the New Englander had teased his Welsh-English friend for those
wasted regrets. Disciplined by the austere biblical notion that a man,
having put his hand to the plow, should not look back, Frost found something
quaintly romantic in sighing over what might have been. Such a course of
action was a road never taken by Frost, a road he had been taught to avoid.
In a reminiscent mood, not very long after his return to America as a
successful, newly discovered poet, Frost pretended to "carry himself" in the
manner of Edward Thomas just long enough to write "The Road Not Taken".
Immediately, he sent a manuscript copy of the poem to Thomas, without
comment, and yet with the expectation that his friend would notice how the
poem pivots ironically on the un-Frostian phase, "I shall be telling this
with a sign". As it turned out Frost’s expectations were disappointed.
Thomas missed the gentle jest because the irony had been handled too slyly,
too subtly.

A short time later, when "The Road Not Taken" was published in the Atlantic
Monthly for August 1915, Frost hoped that some of his American readers would
recognize the pivotal irony of the poem; but again he was disappointed.
Self-defensively he began to drop hints as he read "The Road Not Taken"
before public audiences. On one occasion he told of receiving a letter from
a grammar-school girl who asked a good question of him: "Why the sigh?" That
letter and that question, he said, had prompted an answer. End of the hint.
On another occasion, after another public reading of "The Road Not Taken",
he gave more pointed warnings: "You have to be careful of that one; it’s a
trick poem – very tricky". Never did he admit that he carried himself and
his ironies too subtly in that poem, but the circumstances are worth
remembering here as an illustration that Frost repeatedly liked to "carry
himself" dramatically, in a poem or letter, by assuming a posture not his
own, simply for purposes of mockery – some times gentle and at other times

(from Selected Letters of RF : Edited by Lawrence Thompson)

kimtrahan said...

I think that this poem rocks! Robert Frost is one of the best poets I know!
"The Road Not Taken" makes me feel like I need to slow down and take the
time to make the right choices in life. Thank you Robert Frost for being my
inspiration to continue on the right path for me!

Camd61160 said...

This is the best poem much inspiration.

Lorraine Bowan said...

People tend to associate the sigh with regret but the trick in the poem
hinges on this unthinking association. Although the point of the Thomas
anecdote is that in his mind he was never certain that he made the best
choice of the path to follow, Frost, looking back on his decision to
seek publication in England, was certain that he chose the right path.
His choice took him from obscurity to renown so that on reflection, he
is able to say unequivocally,

I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

The sigh is, logically, a sigh of relief, that in choosing the road less
travelled by, he made the right choice. The gentle dig at his friend
Thomas is by way of contrasting his uncertainty with Frost's certainty;
Thomas' regret with Frost's relief. The popularity of this poem rests in
its affirmation of the efficacy of choosing one's own path, being true
to oneself. It would not be the inspiration it is taken to be if the
sigh were one of ambivalence and regret.

Starayev said...

In this poem,Robert Frost is trying to show us that we should think for
ourselves and if it means to take the road others wouldn't , then so be it.

Natasha S said...

I think that poem has a great message. You can not always make the right choice. Take A Chance And Live Your Life!

ICU050 said...

hello,i am writting a paper on criticism of the poem "The Road Not Taken"
and i saw your comment so if you would please give me your name so that i may
credit you it will be greatly appreciated.

-thank you

Ron Jones said...

Dear Person,

I have an interpretation of "The Road Not Taken" differing from

All the others and would like to post it if possible.

Cheers, Ron Jones

Sue Paterson said...

Hi I'm Tina and very new to Poetry. I'm having a hard time understand
both the figurative and Literal meanings of this Poem. Can someone help
me understand it better?

Sue Paterson
Sales Associate
Uniform Custom Countertops Inc.
289 Courtland Ave.
Concord, ON L4K 4W9


Eghosano1 said...

Just looking at the title "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost, I think the
poem is going to be about making choices. Whether it's the right one or not. In
life there are usually two choices you must make, and the path you choose is
the road you take. The path you do not take is the road not taken, as the
title suggest.

Yadav Ghimirey said...

Hi all

I am Yadav Ghimirey from Nepal. It is because of the lines

I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

that I chose to pursue wildlife research and conservation as my career option rather than sticking to teaching and I believe that my decision will make a difference in my life and others who are dear to me.....

Anonymous said...

The beauty of the poem, I think, is that you cannot take it either literally or figurtively--you take it how it makes sense to you.

The "sigh" he makes and the line "And that has made all the difference" are really open ended in their description. You can sigh when your reminiscing about something happy or sigh when your thinking of something depressing. And, what is "the difference" that he is speaking of? It could be could or bad.

To me, this is a true masterpiece because it's ambiguous enough to be merely a reflection of the thoughts, feelings, or desires of the reader.

Anonymous said...

Nice Poem and dipicts each of us's life some way or the other.......!!!

khushi said...

this poem is very god

Anonymous said...

<3 dis poem...!! robert frost reeli rocks...!!!:) his poem depicts the real life of people who tend to make self-relied decisions...which has its own consequences later in life...!

Unknown said...

nobody could say it better

Anonymous said...

the person whote wrote about the poem is very stupid and does not know how to.soryy tom asy,but not as exopected

Corey said...

wait a minute, what does Robert Frost have in common with these other authors?

Corey Fischer - Owner & CTO
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Penjelajah Dunia Maya said...

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ramya.... said...

i really loved this poem a lot because
we get a lot of gud things from this.....

Anonymous said...

hi. i'm a 12yr old student from india & i really luuuuuuuv this poem.
i'm making a project on this poem, so thnx a lot 4 ur notes !!!!!!!!!

doms said...

hi i'm doms pacites,,i also love this poem because in every line it related to our real life.

motorcycle chains said...

I have seen many poetry but not good as like yours. I love to read this poem each and every words says fillings of your heart.

Baby Clothes said...

I love to read first section of this poem because it is wonderfully written. It is one of the finest creation of Robert frost.

Anonymous said...

Or as a great American sage once said:
"When you come to a fork in the road....
take it!" Yogi Berra

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Lelli Kelly said...

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Anonymous said...

To understand the meaning of this poem, think about the meaning of the TITLE: The Road NOT Taken. It is not about the road he took, which as he says made all the difference. It is about the road he did not take.

Anonymous said...

When in school poetry and Shakespeare were lost on me - luckily, when I matured, there has been a blessed better barrage beckoning me to enjoy even more this poem of Frost - and Shakespeare, as well.

Thank you for the reminder. I shall read this more often -- as it also reminds me of "The Road Less Traveled" by M. Scott Peck which helped me to become more open to Life.

Anonymous said...

The title of the poem is "The Road Not Taken" . Usually the title reflects the subject matter of it's poem. If this is so, in Frost's poem then, the subject of his poem should be the road he chose not to take. And yet, in the penultimate line of the poem he states that the road he chose to take, has ultimately, made all the difference. Certainly, there is ambiguity here, but a correct reading, I think, of the doubt we all carry with us when forced to make a choice, knowing we will of necessity have to abandon any hope of revisiting the alternative. His message is - carrying the doubt is healthy as long we stick to the path we have chosen and don't let our doubts inhibit our journey. If this is not the case, then why not call the poem "The Road Less Travelled" ?

Anonymous said...

its pretty cool...yeah pretty cool

Anonymous said...

it makes me wanna like find a split road and kinda like pick one of them and not take the other...yeah

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Anonymous said...

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SkiNdN said...

Thanks for your shared comments, insight & research giving info/bio on various poets. Most certainly a site added to my "favs ".
I do feel the need to post my wonderment/concern that people using your site for study research are actually comprehending your posts following the poem. Being far from what would be considered "well educated", I was appalled at the number of readers who thought you the poet.

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manu said...

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