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Trees -- Joyce Kilmer

(Poem #146) Trees
I think that I shall never see
A poem lovely as a tree.
A tree whose hungry mouth is prest
Against the earth's sweet flowing breast;
A tree that looks at God all day,
And lifts her leafy arms to pray;
A tree that may in Summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair;
Upon whose bosom snow has lain;
Who intimately lives with rain.
Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree.
-- Joyce Kilmer
This is not, if you think about it, a particularly good poem. The
imagery is trite, the phrasing adds nothing to it, and the verse is very
hard to read without degenerating into a singsong effect. Yet there's
*something* about it - some compelling quality that has made it famous,
recited and memorized by generations of schoolchildren, instantly
recognizable, and with opening and closing couplets quoted by people who
have never even heard of the rest of the poem. I just wish I knew what
it was :)



Kilmer, (Alfred) Joyce

 b. Dec. 6, 1886, New Brunswick, N.J., U.S.
 d. July 30, 1918, near Seringes, Fr.

American poet known chiefly for his 12-line verse entitled "Trees."

He was educated at Rutgers and Columbia universities. His first volume
of verse, Summer of Love (1911), showed the influence of William Butler
Yeats and the Irish poets. After his conversion to Catholicism, Kilmer
attempted to model his poetry upon that of Coventry Patmore and the
17th-century Metaphysical poets. His most famous poem, "Trees," appeared
in Poetry magazine in 1913. Its immediate and continued popularity has
been attributed to its combination of sentiment and simple philosophy.
His books include Trees and Other Poems (1914); The Circus and Other
Essays (1916); Main Street and Other Poems (1917); and Literature in the
Making (1917), a series of interviews with writers. Kilmer joined the
staff of The New York Times in 1913. In 1917 he edited Dreams and
Images, an anthology of modern Catholic poetry. Kilmer was killed in
action during World War I and was posthumously awarded the Croix de

        -- EB

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Sandy and Paula Tesch said...

Hey I just wanted to let you know that the 2nd line is not "A poem as
lovely as a tree" and the correct version is "A poem lovely as a tree."
Many people make that mistake. Feel free to e-mail me back if you want

Sandy Tesch

g and l said...

It was my favorite poem as a child. It tells more about God and the
Universe in a few lines than philosophers can tell in volumes. Glen Lyda

David Frost said...

The poem is like a childhood friend, lost from thought sometimes, but never

juliet said...

It doesn't matter that it's trite. Nor that it's about God and the
Universe, if you like. It's the sound of the first lines that make it
memorable...Not everything in poetry is about meaning. Part of the
impact in the poem is the resonance of the sounds themselves.

Suchitra Kumar said...

I just looked in to see whether you had a Wodehouse reference along with
this poem.
There are always effeminate(I assumed) men in Wodehouse books who make
women swoon by singing "Trees". I was a little surprised when I
discovered that the song was based on this poem.

A nice line from 'Quick Service' goes:

"When a man singing 'Trees' meets a man singing 'Old Man River',
something has to give."

- Suchitra

hr strasburg said...

I learned this poem in about 4th grade and have loved it for 60 years.
It is an absolutely beautiful, simple reading. My love affair with trees
has gone on for at least that long a time, too. As I look out my window
I see (in reality) a robin building a nest in a plum tree. There is a
spirit within a tree and I believe that Joyce Kilmer felt that spirit.
Joan Strasburg, Springfield, MO

Albert Fields said...

KIlmer's "Trees" is eternally beautiful. I keep coming back to read it again.

Al Fields

Helen Burchfield said...

I recalled the opening line for years it made such a lasting impression.. I recently tried to recite it for a grandchild. I could not get past the first line. Haunted by the memory I was determined to find it. It say everything I feel but have lacked the ability to express. Helen

Redwingbilly said...

The poem Trees, has been our school poem at Forest school, in Forest Louisiana
for seventy years or more. Few of us can recall our pledge or song but most
remember "Trees." There's something eternal expressed in this simple poem,
maybe the one who made the trees understands it best.

Billy McGaha

Monroe, La.

Billy red wing

almagill said...

Suchitra said:
"A nice line from 'Quick Service' goes:

"When a man singing 'Trees' meets a man singing 'Old Man River',
something has to give."

That'll be Paul Robeson then.... as for 'trite' you really have to hear him
singing it. AWESOME

-- almagill

ARSW9NYU said...

I learned this poem almost 60 years ago and it is one I will never forget.
We sang it as a song in the early grades of PS 18. I think it may be because
even an 8 year old can understand it that many of us remember it.

Allan Tracy said...

From Alan Tracy, kbrown04@snet .net:

One has to wonder how often Kilmer thought of this poem during his last
Days spent on the tree-less landscape of the Western Front of the "War to
End All WARs."

David E. Doggett said...

Some notes on the author:
(by the way "Joyce" is a guy)

[broken link]

In 1913, a poet associated with Notre Dame, the Grotto, and the trees on
campus, appeared on the scene -- Joyce Kilmer.

A brochure in the University Archives entitled, University Statue Shrine
Stories, contains an interesting reference to Kilmer
and the Grotto. In its pages, Father Henry Kemper speaks of a former

My old Notre Dame classmate, Charley O'Donnell, who later became
Poet Laureate of Indiana and president of
his alma mater, Notre Dame, was a personal friend of the poet,
Joyce Kilmer.

They say the big tree that shades Our Lady's niche "a tree that
looks at God all day and lifts her leafy arms to
pray," was the inspiration that made the patriot convert, Joyce
Kilmer, famous, with his best-known poem. Kilmer
volunteered in The Fighting Irish Brigade and was killed in action
July 30, 1918 at the age of 32. The original flag
of the Irish Brigade, carried through the civil war by General
Meagher's boys was presented to Notre Dame last

On the right side of the Grotto steps leading to the church, is a huge
stump that must have once been "the big tree that shades
Our Lady's niche." If it were true that it had inspired the poem,
"Trees," what a lovely story to be associated with the Grotto.
Hardly a child goes through his schooling without having come in contact
with Kilmer's poem:

Joylina Goodings said...

As someone has already said Paul Robson's version of this poem is awesome. It also happens to be my favorite song in the world. I would very much like to know if it has ever been recorded by a female vocalist or even a corus, I can't manage Paul Robson's key unfortunately and would love to be able to sing this song with friends and family as it really is the most beautiful poem. It touched my heart when I was young and I have never looked at trees the same way since.

Agnes Ann Maher said...

I attended a neighborhood meeting last evening, and one of the main items
we discussed was our tree preservation policy in our city . One of our
city councilors gave his presentation on trees, and one of his goals was
our city having annual re-certification as a recognized Tree City
USA. This presentation will also be given at our City Council Meeting this

All the way home from the meeting last evening I could not get the poem
"Trees" out of my mind. I learned this poem as a child many years
ago, but what bothered me most was I could not remember all 12 lines.

Thank you for bring back such lovely memories of my childhood.

Chicky6 said...

My grandmother heard the song version when she was a little girl and has been
looking for the music ever since. She will soon be turning 80 and I would
love to be able to find the sheet music so that I may play it for her. She
would love it so much. Please e-mail me if you have any info on where I might
be able to find it. Thank you.

Waranowitz Ben said...

This is the favorite poem of my dog.

- Ben Waranowitz

gus tseo said...

I wasn't educated in this country. I only learned recently this poem from a song by Charles Thomas(40's), better than Robeson's. I love that song and this poem, beautifull and simple.

Chesil said...

The poem was first published in Poetry and magazine and even their foreign
correspondent, Ezra Pound, who was not noted for his liking of sentimental
verse thought it wasn't too bad.

Glenda J. Conover said...

Good Morning, I have been reading some comments on what people had to say
about the poem "TREES." I noticed that you asked where you could get the
sheet music for the song. Did you ever find out any information on it? I
would appreciate it if you could give me any information. Thank you and have
a great day. Glenda.

Glenda J. Conover /

DSTOLSIG said...

I think this is a really great peom Joyce! i Am related to Joyce.For my
culture Faire Project im doing it on her and roger sherman an other one of
our relatives. anyways great poem!

André Alexei Quillen said...

I'm an engineer, not a word poet, but I thought Juliet's response was
Paraphrased from: juliet <julietjuliet@>

It doesn't matter that it's trite.
Nor that it's about God and the Universe,
if you like.

It's the sound of the first few lines
that make it noteworthy, memorable
and the like.

Not all of poetry is in the meaning.
Much of the impact is the resonance
of the sounds.

Claude Evans said...

This is in response to the comments of "Ken Patton".............

The world is populated with idiots. Also "smart alecs" who attempt to denigrate the creations of those among us whose superior intellect allows them to leave "a thing of beauty and a joy forever" for all of us to venerate and enjoy.

Nice try, Ken. You may have better luck dissecting Wordsworth's "Daffodils".

Claude Evans

Liz said...

My mother passed away on January 1, 2003. The one thing I will miss the
most is hearing her sing the songs from her childhood. She was born in
1919. I grew up hearing songs no longer in print. I would love to have
a copy of the sheet music for this poem.
I now work at a retirement home and the other day I was taken by
surprise when a resident I was talking to suddenly started to sing this
poem. I would love to be able to play it for her on the piano. I'm
sure she would love to hear it again.
Thank you for any help you out there can give me.
E-Mail me at if you can send me a copy or let me know
how I can obtain a copy.

John & Vicki Thompson said...

To Whom it May Concern,

I too would be interested in the sheet music to the Poem "Trees". If it is available please email it to me. Thank you very much.

Jay Thompson

Dinah said...

I hadn't really thought a the poem "Trees" in a long while, & while playing a game, with some whose name was trees, I came to recite the 1st line.
Not able to recall the 2nd line led me here.
As you recite the poem, you can imagine the trees lifting their branches to God.
Thank you for the memory.

John Warlow said...

I saw your note asking for the sheet music to the poem "Trees". I also work
at a retirement facility and one of our residents would like to sing this at
her sisters funeral this week. Were you able to obtain the sheet music and
if so would it be possible to get a copy of it. My e-mail address isand my fax number isI would greatly appreciate it if you could help me with this request. Thank
you for your time.


My father learned this poem as a child in the mid 30s. it was his favorite
poem and I can remember hearing him repeat it many times. The song had a special
place with my dad and I had the first line inscribed on his gravestone.

Nerakfish said...

Subj: sheet music for "Trees"

This e-mail is for Chicky6. I have no idea how old your message is
requesting sheet music for "Trees" -- also I'm not sure which song version you're
looking for because apparently there are a few -- BUT -- go to and
type in Oscar Rasbach under "artist." Sheet music for his version is

MPlath5 said...

Thanks for having the poem available. It's not exactly 'ver batum' & I
suggest you check out the original wording. By the way, pass along the the girl
that says she is related to 'Joyce Kilmer' that Joyce Kilmer is a man. OK.

Joann Purcell said...

Did you ever find the "Music" to the poem Trees?? My mother wants me to find the song Please advise TK
JoAnn Marie Purcell

Laraine Maltby Smith said...

My dad used to sing at home when I was a young girl in the 1940s & one of my favourite songs was Trees. He had a voice like Mario Lanza. At the time I didn't understand the words but I loved how the song sounded. Even back I think I sensed the beauty of the words. It was enjoyable reading the comments.
Laraine Maltby Smith ~ Ontario

Maria Tribunella said...

Dear Joylina,

I caught your message on a poetry site. Joyce Kilmer's "Trees" is so beautiful and I heard a rendition of it by a chorus somewhere on the Net but can't find that site anymore. Have you found any answers to your quest? If so would you mind writing back to me. Where would I find the song versions?

Thanks so much


rita dunlap said...

The first time that I heard the poem was while listening to a Julianna Hatfield CD. She used it in the chorus of one of her songs, and I was so drawn to it, that I researched it to find out where it came from. Unfortunately, I have not read any of Kilmer's other work, but I would love to find the time to do that really soon.

info said...


I think that I have never read
A poem as bourgeois or as dead.

The perfect rhyme that ends each verse
Doth make them lively as a hearse;

Within each stanza nothing's said
Each image soars like lumps of lead.

With hyperbolic metaphor
Each four-foot line is such a bore.

A poem that many think is sweet
The ancients say is not discreet.

Poems are made by fools 'tis true
But only Joyce could write such goo.

Written 6 March 1970 -- UWM

Everett M. Ellestad
B.S., M.A., M.A.

(P.S. This was for a critical class on poetry -- I got an "A")

Ddcuzinpc said...

I think it is one of the best Poems I have read.
Also a beautiful song.
Thank You Joyce

shameen miranda said...

Hey I dont know whether this gesture will be appreciated,but I just loved the poem TREES and read your comments on it and wanted to let someone know.Sorry if I have inconvenience you!


Ball Lorrie A said...

I was in grade school when I learned this poem. I was told it was the
most beautiful poem ever written. Over the years I forget some of the
lines but I will never forget how it made me feel. I will memorize
"Trees" again and never forget it.

Mrs BallArsenec

Paul & Shannon Davis said...

Did you ever find some sheet music for the poem/song 'Trees?'


Joan robertsmaher said...

Ever find the sheet music? My Dad, now 83 + , also was a student of the
poem in North Dakota years back, and can still recite it.

I hope to get a book about trees published, and that project let me back to this
memory of his!


e-mail best @

B * said...

To all of the simplistic elitists who denigrate this poem and it's simple
rhyming verse. I might assume that you are also highly educated, in poetry,
but failed to actually learn the most basic rule of any art: Art comes in
all styles.

Simple rhyming verse is a valid form of poetry. If you're going to evaluate
something, evaluate it within it's own context. I have heard hoards of
people spew that free verse is just lazy prose. Well ... if it was prose,
it would be but it's not.

As to the word "trite". How do you evaluate this as trite?According to
Merriam-Webster, a reasonable source, trite means: hackneyed or boring from
much use : not fresh or original. I would agree that someone writing a
similar poem *now* might be considered trite. However, in 1914 it was far
from trite. Calling this "trite" is like referring to a 93 year old man as
"old", when talking about him in his infancy. It only proves how closed
your mind is to truly open and critical thinking.

One way to evaluate any piece of art is to see the intrinsic and extrinsic
impacts of the piece. On the one hand, what was the impact on the author.
Did they like it? Were they satisfied with it? Very much up for debate,
with a dead author. On the other hand, what was and is the impact on
everyone but the author. Let's see, in this case, it has struck a positive
(in some cases beloved) chord in millions of people. Further, it's
"popularity" has lasted for coming up on a century. That would make it have
a more positive impact than - rough estimate - way over 90% of all poetry
ever written in the Western world. I'd say that gives it an A.

Most artists would love to have a work that was so loved and appreciated as
this poem. Say you don't like it, fine; but, do not have the audacity to
call it bad. This poem, more perfectly than most, did what it was supposed
to do.

Sometimes simple is good! Get over yourselves!

NaniJn said...

I had a wonderful teacher named Miriam Carver in the second grade in the
city of Natchitoches, Louisiana. She had a love for poetry and instilled it into
my heart. I can never hear this poem or even just the first line without
remembering Miss Carver. "I think that I could never see a poem lovely as a


Trees, When sung in a crowded packed pub this song and these moving words can silence the room,
the mood alters, people immediately recognise an haunting genius and they become quite moved and sentimental. Richard Taubers; " My heart and I". had this quality also . The problem with Old Man River is that it was a one man song, Paul Robesons. Old Man River was dashed off in minutes and was taken out of the original production of Showboat, then put back in. Ziegfeld didn't like it. Ziegfeld. was wrong. All these songs are classics and we need to study them as great art.


Kai Chow said...

I sang 'Trees' at a church talent contest back in 1955 in Singapore when I
was 15.. I chose this song because of the lyrics which to me were
absolutely meaningful and appropriate, although the music, while beautiful,
was difficult to master. The opening score of the theme song of the vastly
popular Mandarin-Chinese movie 'Love Eterne' (starring the late-Lin Dai) was
probably adapted, or even copied from the opening bars of the music of
'Trees'. It was slightly modified to sound dramatic.

john said...

Am certain that most people only have one memory / image of this poem and that is in the first two lines. This is where the imagery is at it's most potent and all that follows is attempt at embelishment.

Orlando said...

I have a vague recollection of hearing this poem set to music and recorded by a vocal group called "Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians." This would have been in the 1940's.

diana pierce said...

I love this poem. As a child it touched me. I have never forgotten it. When I am sitting in my backyard and all is peaceful, this poem comes to me. Thank the teacher who introduced it to me and made me learn it.

Sharon Hillenbrand said...

I remember this poem from grade school, though not fully. I now have an
8 yr old daughter who doen't relate to plats and nature in the same way
and I wanted to share this poem as I learned as a song, to bring music
and nature together. I hope it works as it's such an imbedded memory
for me because the words so emcapsulate a "Tree" and all it's majesty
as I sit in my back yard, look up at how strong and tall my trees are,
and imagine the journey of each branch - like each human trying to grow
to the light, be their best and most beautiful, and hoping that no-one,
unappreciative of the effort to reach the sun, will unthinkingly chop
them down.

If all I remember is the first verse it still brings tears to my eyes.


jesse l ontiveros said...

I graduated in 1965. During this year, I read TREES in from of my class.
A poem that I will never forget. It was meant to be found tonight. Could
it be that this poem inspired me to fall deeply in love with trees? I
love big trees. I go to Yosemite Valley once a year and fall in love over
and over again with the trees. I come back to my home in Hawaii and yearn
for the next time to be reunited with.........................TREES. They
are one of the most beautiful creation on earth. How good God is to give
us such a wonderful gift.

Evelyn O

John Covell said...

I am a current Joyce Kilmer biographer -- so I am a tad bit biased. I have also heard plenty of the denigrating criticism there are concerning "Trees" -- none of which is convincing when you place "Trees" into the context of all of Kilmer's works and his life. He wrote about 160 other beautiful poems in hos all-too-short lifetime. Two of them were in the same rhyme and meter as "Trees": "Citizen of the World" and "Prayer of a Soldier in France". I can't begin to name the "best" poem he wrote -- "The House With Nobody It It" is my personal favorite. But it doesn't matter; there are many more. What matters is that Joyce was a devoted husband, a dedicated father, a selfless friend, a deeply religious Catholic, a brave soldier and a true patriot who died for his country BESIDES being a writer, interviewer, and poet who put the beauty of common things into the rich and varied format that will live on in our American heritage far longer than the shallow words of his critics.
John Covell

Janelle Koch said...

I just happened upon a book, "To My Daughter, With Love", my mother had given me. Inside the front cover were her treasured thoughts and of which was her favorite poem, "Trees". She has been gone now for almost 3 years and during that time has been remembered daily by her devoted family and friends. Happening across this poem has brought me close to her this day. I cherish that wonderful feeling, the poem and the woman who was so very wise.

maria del Magallano said...

am a teacher and among the many poems that i love to teach my pupils is the poem by joyce kilmer, it makes the pupils realize God's greatness as well as the importance of preserving our environment... God bless

CrrStw9 said...

That was because some people pronounce poem as "pome" rather than "po-em"

I had never heard "pome" rhyming with home for this word poem until I
started diagnosing
Brooklynese...had no idea what they were talking about for a long time when I
became a
New Yorker 50 years ago.

CrrStw9 said...

How sweet that someone wanted to sing "Trees" at her sister's funeral. I do
hope you
were able to find the sheet music or that someone was able to play it from
memory or by

Diane Alexander said...

Did anyone get the sheet music. I would also like it for my Mom who is 87.
She has expressed that she would like it to be sang at her funeral someday.
I really need to find it. Thanks, Diane

joyce said...

Every Spring and Fall I stand in my yard and gaze at the trees. They change so rapidly. It's almost if you blink your eyes, they change from bright red, yellow, pink colors, to that sad and closed empty stand. I think of this poem each passing season. I have a plaque on my bedroom wall with this poem on it. My first name is Joyce, so I feel a kind of kindred spirit to Joyce Kilmer.

Maria Cook said...

You asked about the sheet music for Joyce Kilmer poem "Trees". Copyright
1922 by G. Schirmer Music Stores, Inc N.Y. Music by Oscar Rasbach. Hopes
this helps.

David Meister said...

Thanks Sandy,

It is good to know the right wording for the poem "Trees".

My 95 year old mother-in-law wanted "Trees" by Joyce Kilmer sung at her
memorial service.

Well, her memorial service is at hand, and the music still eludes us.

Do you know of a source for the music?


David Meister said...


Were you successful in finding the sheet music? The memorial service for my
95 year old mother-in-law is at hand.

She wanted "trees" sung at her service. My email address ismy phone isDavid Meister

Judi & Mike Waller said...

I remember this as a child in England and a Padre in Army Uniform coming to
the Convent to sing this to us. I am looking for the Music or someone
singing these, what I like to think are lovely words. Thank you Judi.

Dreamy said...

I'm from Australia and almost 40 yrs old , my mother died in 1999 aged 66 , she used to sing me this poem as a child and when I had my own children I would sing it to them , I have a 1yr old little girl my oldest being 15 and I still sing this song , my daughter wont go to sleep without that poem being sung to her and also the poem about the babes in the woods ,I hope my children learn and remember these as they are beautiful, Tnx Lucia

Peter O'Hara said...

this is lovely. it brings back memories and has stayed with me all
my life. I remember my randmother reciting and siging this to me
when I was young. thankyou for this lovely memory.
colette de largy. (NORTHERN IRELAND)

Billclrk7 said...

My favorite Poem......only one I remember from my childhood, still mumble it
occasionally while doing my daily chores.


I am also one who learned of this poem in elementary school. I loved it then as well as now. I'm hoping to find one of Mr Kilmer's book of poetry soon so as to learn more of his poems.

Linda Jackson

Anonymous said...

this poem is soo beauriful!! it makes me want to go out and explore ALL nature!!

Thanks for writing this poem!!

Anonymous said...

No matter what you plebeians moo,
This poem is STILL just sticky goo!

Anonymous said...

It makes me so happy to hear the wonderful comments about this beautiful song which I learnt ages ago at school.

there is a lovely rendition of it by the Luton Girls available on Youtube.

God bless us all.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone found a source for the sheet music for Trees?
Would like to get a hold of a copy.

mamasita said...

This poem was taught to me in grammar school, and was one and still is my favorite poem. It was a while for me to find it again for I had forgotten the words but knew what the poem was about. After 30 some odd years I was able to find my poem thru a dear friend who searched for it on google. This Poem is a classic God and nature are spoken about so plainly, but so enriching the soul. The schools should go back to teaching poems as these to our students, for it build character and openes your heart to the world.

Anonymous said...

Thank you God! There was once a tree we we loved!

And perhaps we learned it from the song, Trees. I have sung and played it since I was 12 and I'm now 62. I would play it on my piano in the evenings at home with my folks and now for my family.

I think I learned to love trees as a child in the Black Hills of South Dakota. I still love the smell of the pine in the hot sun!

In 2nd grade we moved from South Dakota to Tenn so my father could go to college to better provide for our family. As we drove into Madison, Tenn. my brother and 2 sisters whispered, Let's sing, "Take me back to the Black Hills...where the pines are so high they touch the sky above!" and we all burst into laughter in the back seat. My folks are gone now but I wonder how their hearts felt leaving our beloved Black Hills.

My family lives in Washington State and this summer we had to cut down our beloved 90' pine tree beside our house. We were afraid it might fall on our house in a storm. It had grown old and had a large wound around it's side.

Our son fell it for us and it was the first time he had climbed a tree to fall in 6-14' lengths. And when the tree had become but a beautiful large stump, my son dug down to her mammoth roots. I had never seen the impact my tree had under the ground. To think God took a seed and created this marvelous piece of nature about 90 years ago!

I loved our tree and I grieved the cutting of our tree. I was parting with an old friend!!! We have lived in our home for 31 years and the tree was here when we moved in. The tree cast her shade across my yard in the summer and sheltered my loved ones on cold bitter days. She "watched" my children grow up. We watched her cradle the birds nest in her branches, squirrels gather her pinecones, and raccoons considered her a haven, My children are now young men and they also loved the tree. We had two trees like twins, but now one stands alone.

The loss of this tree made me look up and around for protection and shade from other large pines in my neighbor's yards. Early in the cool morning when I weeded my garden through the warmth of the day to the setting sun, I realized how far these beautiful trees shared their shade influencing all those around.

There was once a tree, we loved!

Anonymous said...

If you don't like this song you are an idiot.

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Anonymous said...

I wish you knew what it was too. It's God my friend the only hope of the world.

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to find the sheet music for "Trees" by Kilmer for years. I started singing this song 65 years ago at the age of 11 and would love to sing it again.

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Harada-san said...

november 10 2011
i didn't expected that until now it is still here a new generation had been made and now it is still here

Corey Gossman said...

Singsong poetry is only considered bad by idiots who think poetry needs to be avant-garde freeverse. In reality, it's all about cleverness an truth. Have you ever seen anything lovelier that a tree?

Anonymous said...

didn't this get sung by the sons of the pioners
in the barn dance era in the 50's woody m

Anonymous said...

Is there anybody who can interpret the poem?

Mommy Gha - Pque Phil said...

the first poem my son memorized when he was three years old, recited infront of more than 150 guests when he was 4. And next week, he'll recite the same poem in his school in celebration of St. Francis Day, the patron saint of ecology.

Anonymous said...

Music Guru...I was so very pleased to find this poem again. I remember it being on a 78 rpm record that my parents played on their Zenith record player back in the 40's. I would be thrilled to know where I could obtain a copy of the music for piano! That would fulfill my long-lived wish!

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Anonymous said...

So happy I found your blog. My grandma is 93 and still remembers this poem - well the first two lines that is. She's told me numerous times every time I see her it's her favorite poem and that she heard it when she was in school. The teacher said it was the most beautiful poem ever and my grandma believes it to be so too. She even remembered the author's first name, Joyce. Without it, I would not have been able to have found your blog. I am so happy. Now I can show her the complete version of the poem. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

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