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Fata Morgana -- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Guest poem sent in by Shalini Umachandran
(Poem #1646) Fata Morgana
 O sweet illusions of song
 That tempt me everywhere,
 In the lonely fields, and the throng
 Of the crowded thoroughfare!

 I approach and ye vanish away,
 I grasp you, and ye are gone;
 But ever by night and by day,
 The melody soundeth on.

 As the weary traveller sees
 In desert or prairie vast,
 Blue lakes, overhung with trees
 That a pleasant shadow cast;

 Fair towns with turrets high,
 And shining roofs of gold,
 That vanish as he draws nigh,
 Like mists together rolled --

 So I wander and wander along,
 And forever before me gleams
 The shining city of song,
 In the beautiful land of dreams.

 But when I would enter the gate
 Of that golden atmosphere,
 It is gone, and I wonder and wait
 For the vision to reappear.
-- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
A friend introduced me to the Wondering Minstrels about three years ago but
all this time I've just been content to read the poetry that landed in my
inbox and feel glad that someone made the effort to brighten up my day.

Today, I actually decided to find out who the Thomas, Martin and Sitaram
were. I know, I've really left it a long time, but then... at least I looked
at the site now.

And I thought I'd send in this poem because somehow it seemed to go with the
idea of wondering minstrels wandering along, seeking songs of the wood that
make you feel better.



Explaining the allusion in the title:

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