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Haiku -- Michael P Garofalo

Guest poem submitted by Hemant R. Mohapatra
(Poem #1645) Haiku
 A frog floats
 belly up --
 dead silence.
-- Michael P Garofalo
One of the Haikus that perfectly describes the weather that is up and about
today the place where I stay. It brings out images of a marshy, silent,
secret land all shrouded up in a mystical fog. Outside, it's cloudy and
ominous today; much like a drop of water poised achefully at the edge of a
leaf, pondering whether to take the plunge or not. Whenever it's like this,
more often than not a carefree happy-go-lucky droplet would roll mindlessly
down the leaf and drag the thoughtful drop along with it and away they'd go
all the way down to meet the earth rising up to meet its prize.

I am sure it'll rain by evening.


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